Lennart Hennig

Lennart is a growth and leadership facilitator. He explores the edges of individual and collective development through the angles of consciousness, embodiment, and deep ecology using an integral framework of the whole, undivided cosmos.

Early Professional Journey

Originally planning to participate in the journey of human healing by becoming a medical doctor, Lennart got disillusioned by the mechanistic and disintegrated relationship to health and the human body he experienced during a year-long community service in the surgery ward of a big university hospital. This was not the idea of health (originally the word health comes from being whole = undivided) his heart was longing for.

He decided to take a long but retrospectively important detour towards a more integrated vision of human wholeness. This journey took him through a masters degree in German legal studies and an MBA in entrepreneurship. He was fascinated with innovation as a process of transformation early on and founded his first business during his law studies in the emerging electric mobility sector.

After university he worked for different startup investors, accelerators and incubators, working directly with founders on solving difficult commercial problems and supporting them in their early stage prototyping, as well as growth and scaling.

A few years later he switched sides and provided his digitalization and innovation expertise to large corporations as a top management strategy consultant with Kearney. There he worked exclusively with C-suites of large organizations, supporting them in overcoming the transformation paralysis through digital transformation and innovation strategies. A big factor of this work was also to support teams in the process of engaging with cultural shifts and changing perspectives. Although highly stimulating and exciting, there was something missing for him.

Personal Journey

What that missing point was, became more obvious through the profound and life changing experiences he gathered on a 10 year long journey of self-discovery. Deconstructing all belief-structures this time felt like a completely opposite track to his professional life for a long time.

He embarked onto a colorful path of different spiritual and developmental influences that shaped his perspective on the world forever. He spend time in conscious communities who were researching a different way of living in alignment with the natural environment and different models of human society and relationships, found a consistent spiritual home in Zen Buddhism, and studied traditional kashmir shivaistic Tantra teachings. Traveling the world and immersing himself in diverse subcultures through festivals, political movements, environmentalism, the Bay Area Startup community, burning man and other fields provided a glimpse into many different cultural subsystems.

A hugely transformative part of this time was the active participation in the reimmergence of the psychedelic movement as well as experiencing profoundly integrated plant medicine ceremonies from South America and other global indigenous traditions. These experiences with altered states of conscioussness have dramatically widened and expanded his perception and consciousness to include more of the visible and invisible world.

But more and more the professional and the personal seemed to be going into polar opposite directions, expansive, interconnected, embodied, deeply ecological and relation on the one side, and mechanistic, reductionistic, capitalistic systems on the other.

This created the deep inquiry which’s contemplation eventually changed everything: “What is the creative potential that can integrate these seemingly contradictory perspectives on the world into something more whole and inclusive?”


When the tension between the seemingly incompatible lives, become almost unbearable, a new dimension opened when he started to study the developmental aspects of the material world in general and in particular of the human psychology and their manifestations in culture, socio economic structures and our relationships with each other and the living planet.

Integral theory and systems- or complexity theory as well as theories on deep ecology and the nature of consciousness have provided the frameworks to really dive deeply into the inquiry. Especially the work of Ken Wilber, Robert Kegan, Carl Jung and Iain McGilchrist have profoundly impacted this phase of the development of his own body of work.

This is when he started bringing the two worlds of human attention together into a profoundly embodied, animate, relational and yet scientifically and philosophically substantiated and enriched body of work.

This is when he grasped the very core of transformation, evolution and integration, and what our human journey's trajectory is pointing towards in these seemingly chaotic times. Read more about what this means in detail under philosophy.

Lennart is engaged and lives together with his partner and their little daughter in Berlin.



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