Maegan Gorbett

Stay Wild, Love Large, Live Free

Maegan Melissa Gorbett / DJ Alma ∞ Omega dedicates her life's work to weaving the succulent strands of Dance, Music, Embodiment, Transformation, Connection & Community as an offering of joy & purpose. Her drive is to serve the (collective/individual) healing of the past, help in midwifing the emergent-juicy-present of transformative-cultures, all while keeping in mind the wider vision, for future generations to come.

Maegan/Alma is a DJ, Open Floor Embodied-Dance Teacher, Ritualist, Holistic-Coach, Creatrix, Weaver, Rebel-Shape-shifter & Mid-wife for the Soul:  for the past 2 decades she has been weaving her path of the healing realms together with her passion & love for transformational-culture, underground-art, embodied-dance & earth-based-ritual.

The power of movement, the freedom of expression, the truth of our body’s wisdom, and the beauty of authenticity are the pillars of her joy and work...Re-establishing our connection to Earth's wisdom and the Divine Mystery -- INSIDE the cells of our human bodies & cracks of crumbling cultures--is the mission found inside the cells of her heart & soul.



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