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Transformational Coaching

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My intention is to enable my clients to take full responsibility for their life, connect to the direct experience of their body in the present moment, and move towards wholeness and authenticity as a base to consciously engage in their development through self-leadership.


My approach is to listen to and focus on removing the obstacles to a direct experience. Our bodies already know everything we need, they know our boundaries and desires, they hold the traumatic memories that want to be felt, and they know how to reintegrate our disowned personality parts to become more whole. I want to get my clients back in touch with this profound wisdom, so they learn how to rely on themselves and their bodies, instead of being dependent on someone else. To do that, we follow what the body communicates, we pay close attention to the direct somatic experience, to the senses, and to how emotions move through and manifest in the body. I use embodiment and co-regulation to create a deep sense of safety, to experience intimacy and connection while being fully supported and held by a capacity to feel and to respond.

With this foundation of a deep somatic experience of safety, I support my clients in the integration of emotional experiences and shadows, the development of an authentic sense of self, and a narrative that empowers and inspires them to live a life guided by purpose. My work is centered around the themes of evolution & integration, intimacy & relationships, sexuality & desire, wholeness & truth, safety & boundaries, purpose & leadership.

It is important to know that I am not engaging in therapeutic work but empower my clients to take leadership for their individual healing process. So if during our work it becomes clear that my clients need therapeutic support, I will ask them to complement our work with professional therapy.

If you feel resonance and are curious about taking session work with me, feel free to book a free 30 min info session to find out if it's a whole-hearted yes!

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