Upcoming BooK: HEAL

A journey of Liberation, Love and Leadership towards Deep Ecology & Wholeness

What "heal" is about

A Contribution to the Global Dialogue

In my work over the years I have incorporated a wide range of complementary philosophies, sciences and approaches, all of whom are not new and have huge communities of researchers and practitioners behind them. Yet I have come to realize that they are rarely put into a coherent context to create comprehensible picture of the human developmental journey in all its facets within one body of work with a comprehensible red thread.

I believe this is why I often get asked after my workshops and retreats, if I could recommend "one" book in which one could read more about the work I am teaching. I am usually responding to this question by naming about 10-15 different hugely exciting scientific, practical and philosophical fields of inquiry, in whom countless brilliant researchers, practitioners, philosophers and scientists have written extraordinary books that dive deeply into their discipline. This answer of course drastically fails to meet the requested "one" book and leaves the curios inquiree with a list of 20-30 complex scientific works to study and be overwhelmed by.

So I realized there might be a need for a comprehensible synthesis of the human journey (so far) that incorporates perspectives from Neuroscience, Psychology, Philosophy, Spirituality, Leadership, Politics, Ecology, Physics, Culture, Business, Systems Theory, Religion and so forth, and puts them into a coherent, contextualized narrative, a new ecological mythos that can assist the reader as a guidance on the  experience of inhabiting a body in world that is whole and divided at the same time, that we never received at birth.

So Heal is not a summary of 100 books compressed into one, it is a synthesis of multiple perspectives on different aspects of the human journey, a journey of a self-aware part of the cosmic organism that is life, putting the puzzle pieces together into a bigger picture that touches our hearts, minds and souls - a distillation of the essence of what it means to heal, to become whole in a divided world. It is not more and not less than the attempt to capture the the uncaptureable cosmic joke.

When will it be published?

Not before it is done, but likely within 2023. My wish is not to publish based on a deadline, but once I am confident that the quality of the transmission can give the reader an encounter beyond information, a felt experience into the essence of the  journey of consciousness that leaves them with inspiration, curiosity and excitement, and maybe a sense of knowing a little less than before!

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