Jaba Saka

Mother of Nabi Nunhue







She is the mother of Nabi Nunhue. Her name honors our Mother Moon in the Kogi language. She was entrusted with the task of teaching women how to make offe- rings during the sacred time of the moon, at a unique altar that was con-secrated for this purpose by different grandmothers of the native traditions. She is the bearer of the Wakan Chan- nupa (“Sacred Pipe“) and offers Inipi ceremonies (“Purification Cabin“) of the Lakota tradition with the guidance of grandmother Tunka Hota Winyan (Sacred Grey Stone Woman), a Medici- ne Woman of this tradition.

Jaba Saka takes care of the medicinal plant garden in Nabi Nunhue and received the teachings of its traditional and healing uses from Mamita Miriam Aranda, a healer of thePi Urek people. Jaba Saka offers, with Kajuyali Tsamani, the ceremonies of the different sacred traditions that are honored in Nabi Nunhue. She is also the coordinator of the Pachamilli museum on the land of Nabi Nunhue.



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