A sacred medicine journey for the re-ancestralization of our life.


Pasto, Colombia


March 3, 2025


March 17, 2025




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This retreat is a very special offering that combines Lennart Hennig's developmental work with the incredible knowledge and medicine of the Colombian shamanic healers Kajuyali Tsamani and Jaba Saka.

ATTENTION: In 2025 there will be the unique opportunity to come a few days earlier and make your own shamanic drum with Juan Carlos España, a local master artisan who also made Kajuyali's drum. Check for more information here.


Pachamilli is a gentle yet profound journey into the world of ancestral wisdom, plant medicine and human development with the intention to re-indeginize our ways of living in direct relationship with all life.

Pachamilli means "Mother Cosmos" in the Kichua language of Southern American Indigenous People.

We have entered a period of cultural crisis, an ecological crisis that is challenging us to radically transform our perception of reality and ourselves. This crisis is often looked at as a crisis of technology, resources, and the economy. Although sustainability, innovation, and new ways of building and sharing wealth among the global population are a piece to the puzzle, the true crisis is one of perception, relationship and identity.

We are standing at the beginning of what could become the biggest shift in human consciousness since the cognitive revolution 70.000 years ago that brought complex language into the human experience: the death of the myth of separation, which is the foundation of our global economy and self-awareness. We are moving from a reductionistic, survival-based, egocentric, game-theoretic, wasteful, destructive and disconnected paradigm into one that is defined by an alive tapestry of interdependency, wholeness, developmental awareness, connection, intimacy, and the unshakeable truth that there is no separation whatsoever to be found anywhere in this cosmos. An re-membering that re-connects us to the knowing hat we truly are this Earth.

In this paradigm, it is understood that the crisis won't be solved through technology, but through living from a deeply integrated sense of self that is not separate from Earth, an identity that is grounded in interdependency. This transformation will happen from within, when we enter into a more participatory relationship with this living ecology that we are.

We can't get there by accumulating knowledge or reading a book. We have to walk the path of evolution to remember the whole we are already a part of. We all have to embark on a deeply vulnerable and painful human maturation journey which can happen through profound relationship, philosophical insight, the integration of multiple perspectives, embodied practice, and embodied presence. Facing everything we are running away from, our wounds, our traumas, our fears, and especially our relationship to death. It is the journey towards becoming an integrated society that is Earth, instead of just inhabiting her.

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As a first step, this invites us to become aware of the way we shape our perception through language, the ways in which we learn, and how to re-embed us into the alive, animate and infinite context of this living earth. Through deep embodiment and the use of somatic resources, we create the foundation for truly stepping into our human potential while honoring our animal ancestry. Embodiment isn't about creating absence of mind, it is about creating the conditions in which the mind can truly flourish, liberated from fear and stories of control, becoming an instrument of creativity, curiosity and choice. It is about nothing less than meeting death, instead of running away from it.

We can only do this work in intimate relationship with this living planet, not isolated and disconnected from the soil, within the very walls that keep reflecting the old mythos of separation back onto us. We need to feel, smell, taste and breath-in the soil that is birthing us every moment, listening to its music and also letting it breath us and fill us with its ancient wisdom, as it already knows the answers we are looking for. Having a direct experience of interdependency with the planet, growing into earth, awakening as earth, and rising together in a new sense of self, inseparable from the sacred mother, Pachamilli, connected to her in synergy, reverence and care. Through her and the ancestral wisdom that is being protected and shared in Nabi Nunhue, we can allow our ways of living to be re-indeginzed, to put us back into the relational context we have left. Paying attention. Listening. Being truly here. Now.

With this intention I teamed up with Kajuyali Tsamani, a respected healer, scholar and shaman from Colombia who has deeply impacted my life over the last years through the work with the plant medicine Ayahuasca and his profound wisdom that is directly speaking from the wholeness of the cosmos. Together, we created a unique retreat offering that is integrating ancestral and modern perspectives for a potent experience of returning home, happening in the beautiful Andes Mountains of Colombia every year in January.

Kajuyali: "Ayahuasca is an ancestral sacred plant, teacher, teacher of an original tradition of the ancestral sacred art of life in harmony, happiness and fraternity full of wisdom with the beauty of the fullness of spiritual, emotional, corporal health, to recognize ourselves in the intimacy of the spirit, of the body, of the heart, of the full existence of our Mother Earth and our Mother Cosmos. It is exactly the meaning of its name in the Kichua language (ancestral language of the Andean and Amazonian region): Aya is the word that names the "sacred ancestral spirit of all that exists, of all that is created, of its creation and its becoming"; huasca is the word that names the vine, liana, vine, in which Aya lives, is embodied and becomes Aya. It is a wonderful virtue of life that teaches us to shamanize our existence."

This retreat will be a deeply vulnerable and transformative group experience for everyone who wants to embark on the journey towards remembering there are intimate relationship with this living planet. Located in the healing center "Nabi Nunhue" in the Colombian Andes, we will spend two whole weeks together to bath in rich ancestral wisdom, embodiment practices, philosophical and scientific teachings, group circles, traditional sweatlodges, plant medicine ceremonies, storytelling around the fire, individual healings and mindfulness practices, to manifest a state of deep ecology within and around us.

The two Ayahuasca ceremonies will be spread out over the two weeks and both support us to have our hearts cracked open by the love of this planet and receive her teachings, as well as give us insight that we integrate and process afterwards with psycho-developmental frameworks and perspectives to gain deeper insight about ourselves. We will have the honor to participate in two Yopo ceremonies (plant medicine) from the Sikuani tradition, and two Inipi ceremonies (sweat lodge) from the Lakota tradition that help us integrate our experiences further.

This is going to be the fourth Pachamilli retreat, and we are really excited to welcome you into this growing community of learners.

Structure of the retreat:

- Duration: 15 days, including arrival and departure day
- Group size: Limited to 16 guests plus facilitation team to guarantee maximum quality of the container
- Combination of indigenous wisdom, eastern wisdom traditions, western philosophy, modern neuroscience and psychology, embodiment, mindfulness practices, and plant medicine
- Two traditional Ayahuasca Ceremonies and two Yopo ceremonies led by Kajuyali Tsamani
- Two traditional Inipi sweatlodges
- Hikes in the Andes Mountains to beautiful nature sanctuaries
- During the daytime we will have teachings and embodiment practices, in the evenings we will sit around the fire and listen to Kajuyalis profound wisdom and stories about the origin of life
- Location: Nabi Nunhue Healing Center in the Andes Mountains in Southern Colombia, 30 minutes from Pasto, 10 minutes from Pasto Airport (a small airport on a cliff in the jungle)
- Beginn: Monday, March 3rd, 2025
- End: Sunday, March 16th, 2025
- Departure: Monday, March 17th, 2025


Because this retreat requires a certain alignment and because we have limited capacity, tickets aren't for sale publicly but only available via application. We want to ensure that everyone who comes knows what is expecting them and is coming with sincere intentions. Please fill out this short application to get in touch:

About the facilitators:

This retreat is a collaboration between Kajuyali Tsamani, Jaba Saka and Lennart Hennig.

Kajuyali Tsamani

A descendant of the Panche, ancient native people who lived in regions bordering the banks of the Magdalena River. He studied anthropology, ethnolinguistics and philosophy at the National University of Colombia to relate adequately to the traditional knowledge of native peoples. As an anthropologist, he carried out ethnological, ethnosophical and ethnolinguistic research with different native communities. He was a professor at several universities in Colombia. He is the author and co-author of several books and articles published in different academic journals. He is constantly invited as a lecturer by academic and cultural institutions, both national and international.

In 1998 he created with his family the Fundación de Investigaciones Chamanistas (Foundation for Shamanic Research), of which he is the director. Its purposes are research, preservation, and diffusion of ancestral shamanistic knowledge and wisdom. Nabi Nunhue was created and is maintained as a result of this work.

After many years of living and learning with different native peoples, he was consecrated as a shaman in different ancestral traditions.

Mama Bernardo Moscote, high Mama of the Kogi people of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, welcomed him as his adopted son (along with his family) and consecrated and recognized him as Mama (shaman of the Kogi tradition).

Grandfather José García Ziorateki from the Uitoto-Muinane people of the Amazon, together with his companion Grandmother Josefina, took him into their Maloca and consecrated him as a shaman of the ancestral tradition of tobacco and coca, after twelve years of apprenticeship.

In the same Uitoto tradition of the Amazon, he was also welcomed as an apprentice by Grandfather Oscar Roman Enokayi and his companion Grandmother Alicia in the region of Araracuara for several years.

After nine years of receiving the wisdom and advice of Taita Martín Agreda, from the Kamëntzá people (Sibundoy Valley), he was consecrated by him as an ayahuasca shaman. During this apprenticeship, and honoring a vision of Taita Martin Agreda, he began learning the yopo tradition.

Grandfather Rafael Vicente Yepez Kasulu and Grandfather Furnamilani Jose Antonio Kasulu, traditional shamans of the Sikuani people of the Orinoquia, were the ones to guide him. Eighteen years later he was consecrated by Grandfather Furnamilani as a shaman of this tradition, in a special ceremony, in which he received his traditional name: Kajuyali Tsamani.

Once he finished his apprenticeship in the ayahuasca tradition with Taita Martin Agreda, while continuing to learn the Sikuani tradition, he met Grandfather Francisco Piaguaje, a wise ayahuasca shaman from the Siona people. From Grandfather Francisco Piaguaje he received his teachings for five years.

In this learning process, he had the opportunity to meet and receive the tradition of the native Lakota people of North America.

Thanks to the kindness of his two teachers, shamans of the Lakota tradition: Grandmother Tunka Hota Winyan( Sacred Gray Stone Woman) and Grandfather Iktomi Cha ( Red Spider), thanks to them he received the honor of carrying and honoring the sacred Channunpa Wakan (“Sacred Pipe“) and the ancestral ceremonies: Inipi, Hanblecheyapi (“Vision Quest“) and the word circle ceremony to harmonize relationships, known as talking stick.

Jaba Saka

She is the mother of Nabi Nunhue. Her name honors our Mother Moon in the Kogi language. She was entrusted with the task of teaching women how to make offe- rings during the sacred time of the moon, at a unique altar that was con-secrated for this purpose by different grandmothers of the native traditions. She is the bearer of the Wakan Chan- nupa (“Sacred Pipe“) and offers Inipi ceremonies (“Purification Cabin“) of the Lakota tradition with the guidance of grandmother Tunka Hota Winyan (Sacred Grey Stone Woman), a Medici- ne Woman of this tradition.

Jaba Saka takes care of the medicinal plant garden in Nabi Nunhue and received the teachings of its traditional and healing uses from Mamita Miriam Aranda, a healer of thePi Urek people. Jaba Saka offers, with Kajuyali Tsamani, the ceremonies of the different sacred traditions that are honored in Nabi Nunhue. She is also the coordinator of the Pachamilli museum on the land of Nabi Nunhue.

Lennart Hennig

Lennart is a growth and leadership coach and facilitator. He explores the edges of personal and cultural development through the angles of consciousness, embodiment, safety, trauma, and co-creativity using an integral framework of the whole kosmos.

His most recent and powerful teacher is his daughter Lilith, who will join him for this retreat with her Mother Rachel.

His deepest inquiry is the potential we tap into when we begin accepting and integrating every part of our being, embracing our full human experience and walking towards a state of wholeness and authenticity from where we recognize the profound interdependency we are a part of.

He is particularly intrigued by the alchemical potential our collective and individual wounding and shadows hold for us, when we start honoring the darkness as a place of growth and rebirth, and how we can step into a dialectical relationship towards more truth instead of polarization when we take responsibility for an internally regulated somatic sense of safety.

Bringing the principles of liberation, love, and leadership to individuals and organizations wanting to live from their true purpose is at the core of his work.

The location: Nabi Nunhue

This healing space is a place for the preservation of native peoples' knowledge related to healing plants and the art of ancient shamanistic wisdom. Nabi Nunhue means Sacred House of the Jaguar in the language of the Kogi people of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta.

It is located in the Andes mountains in southern Colombia and consists of several ceremonial sites, a protected natural reserve, and a garden with medicinal plants and organic farming areas.

Nabi Nunhue was founded in 2001 and is guided by Kajuyali Tsamani and his wife Jaba Saka, who are knowledgeable about ancient shamanistic traditions. Their life and work provide a remarkable encounter between the traditions of the native peoples and contemporary life.

In the last forty years, Kajuyali Tsamani has practiced and been consecrated by shamans from different tribes and traditions. In Nabi Nunhue meetings with shamans from different native traditions are propitiated to ex-change their wisdom and traditions.

Their valuable knowledge is at high risk of extinction. By permanent colonization, people of these tribes have been losing the experience and the teachings of their traditions. Many of the tribes are disappearing, along with the immense knowledge on healing and the medicinal uses of plants.

Throughout the year, Nabi Nunhue organizes international events with the participation of shamans from various traditions. During these meetings, people from different regions of our Mother Earth seek and receive personal healing at Nabi Nunhue and experience valuable and enriching knowledge about shamanic culture and healing arts.

This Retreat is for you if you want to:

- Move from the mythos of separation to a new story of self that is grounded in connection and interdependency
- Experience indigenous wisdom traditions and plant medicine ceremonies with a deeply committed, knowledgable, and experienced shaman
- Take full responsibility for your human experience in every moment
- Learn to regulate your somatic experience to break free from fear and collapse by feeling profoundly safe in your body
- Integrate all your instincts and emotions into an authentic sense of self
- Become trauma and shadow aware to integrate your fragmented parts into a more whole self
- Want to know what the heck is going on in this world and how to adequately respond to it
- Find effortless connection to your purpose and express it naturally in this world and as this world
- Understand the root of our global conflicts and become an agent of synthesis and evolution instead of a passive participant in the polarization of our society
- Take leadership in your own developmental journey to be able to whole diverse perspectives without attachment


This retreat is offered on a sliding scale. This sliding scale is meant to reflect everyone's individual financial capacity in recognition of the unique value of this offering and the purpose the profits will contribute to: Nabi Nunhue intends to acquire a new piece of land, as large as possible, to create a natural reserve for the protection and preservation of its habitat. Also, for the recovery and conservation of master plants such as coca and tobacco, ayahuasca, yopo, and medicinal plants from its environment.

Please consider this effort in your decision on how much you want to pay. Important: The decision if we invite you to this retreat will NOT be based on how much you pay - we simply want you to go through the process of inquiring for yourself which price feels in integrity with your current capacity, the offering, and the land. If you have more, consider giving more to support the ones who have less.

The costs include two weeks of teachings, three traditional Ayahuasca ceremonies, food and accommodation, and the transfer from Pasto to Nabi Nunhue.

Please choose a price that feels in alignment for you (minimum of 2500€). Thank you so much for your sincere contribution!

- Low Income/Sponsored: 2500€
- Recommended Price: 3000€
- Abundance/Supporter: 3500€+


You will fly to Pasto via Bogota or Cali, we will pick you up in Pasto on March 3rd.


This retreat will touch upon the following topics to offer a coherent framework for growth:

The Science of Safety
How does safety live in the body・how to regulate the state of safety・understanding different survival instincts and strategies・basics of polyvagal theory and neuroception

Myth, Narrative and Storytelling
Understanding the underlying myths of society・Indigenous Cosmology・The role of your own narrative and story in making sense of who you are・The story of identity

Co-regulation・self-regulation・somatic consent・boundaries・somatic communication・Primal Play・Belly2Belly

Trauma Awareness
How does trauma affect the sense of self・how to integrate the fragmented personality・basics of interpersonal neurobiology・the alchemical gift of trauma・understanding inner parts through compassionate inquiry・building deep inner relationships

Shadow Work
Discovering and integrating disowned personality parts living in the unconscious (shadows)・overcoming the paradigm of good and evil・growing through the integration of judgments・understanding projections and using them for personal growth・the transformative power of dark feedback・transcending the victim-perpetrator-rescuer triangle

Understanding Eros and Life-Force as evolutionary drivers
Discovering the wisdom and guidance of desire・finding inner truth・surrendering to the mystery of the unknown・overcoming limiting self-judgments, fear, and feelings of unworthiness

Authentic Connection as an evolutionary path
Transcending attachment-based relating・overcoming relational projections・moving into self-responsibility・the archetype of sacred union・honesty and vulnerability

Living from purpose
Connecting to your true purpose・prioritizing purpose over fear・living from soul

The importance of community
Rediscovering our tribal biology and psychology・forum practice・revealing and sharing from vulnerabilit・being held and supported in community・the collective evolution of communities

Mindfulness, non-duality, and the nature of consciousness
Understanding the profound non-duality of the kosmos・waking up to the emptiness of the self・embracing the circular journey of death and birth here and now・living from the present moment・the primacy of consciousness over matter in philosophical idealism

Sense-making & Dialectics
Overcoming in-group/out-group paradigms・understanding and transforming conflict as an opportunity for growth and evolution・making sense of the global crisis・the dialectic of thesis/anti-thesis/synthesis・the future of politics and governance・emergence dialogue

Integral Development
Understanding the integral principles of evolution・the architecture of culture and values・complexity and chaos・evolutionary stages of consciousness・dimensions of reality and experience・death as the gate to evolution and rebirth

Translating the inner journey of growth into the capacity to show up in service of the collective journey of mankind・the power of deep listening・evolutionary principles of leadership・integral business・the power of choice


If you have any further questions, don't hesitate to contact me at


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