The True Power of ADHD

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An Introduction into the Potential of ADHD

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You can now sign up for the next 12-week cohort in May 2024.

The self-guided version can be joined anytime and is not cohort based, you can go through all the material in your own pace.

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Understand the Science Behind ADHD: Uncover its evolutionary advantages and superpowers.


Embrace Your Neurotype: Acquire tools for living a fulfilling life connected to your purpose.


Master Emotional Regulation: Learn techniques to become more emotionally whole.


Build Genuine Relationships: Stop masking who you are and foster lasting, nourishing connections.


Develop Focused Habits: Implement strategies that boost focus, motivation, and well-being.


Break the Cycle of Shame: End the harmful cycles that stifle your creativity and focus.

You too can Awaken your dormant ADHD Superpowers.

Stop merely surviving and start thriving with ADHD! Learn proven techniques to manage emotions, sharpen focus, and build strong relationships.

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Your Lead Facilitator

Lennart Hennig

Lennart is a seasoned international growth and leadership facilitator, who fuses a diverse range of disciplines — consciousness studies, neuroscience, developmental psychology, evolution theory, embodiment, semantic studies, trauma, and deep ecology — into an integral and systemic framework for holistic personal and collective development. As a Steward and Co-Founder of the regenerative village project “Alma Do Solo”, he is engaged in co-creating a living culture of regeneration, self-sufficiency and communal living.

Lennart is deeply committed to unlocking our full human potential by challenging the paradigm of separation that pervades our individual and cultural identities. He invites us to embrace every facet of the human experience for a state of authenticity, presence and vulnerability, lays the foundation for recognizing our profound interdependency and interconnectedness.

He is particularly intrigued by the transformative potential our collective and individual shadows are holding, inviting us to begin honoring death and darkness as places of growth and rebirth. He believes we can step into a dialectical relationship towards more truth instead of polarization and champions the importance of internal emotional regulation as the path to true human connection, enabling us to face the vastness of our individual, collective and ancestral grief as a portal into deep intimacy with life as it is.

With almost two decades of coaching experience, Lennart has guided a diverse clientele — from single mothers to CEOs of global companies — in human development, innovation, and leadership. Anchored in "The Principles of Liberation, Love, and Leadership", his unique body of work aims to empower both individuals and organizations to act purposefully as conscious components of a greater, undivided whole.

As a father Lennart is devoted to mending our attachment-based disconnection from our true capacity for attuned leadership and personal sovereignty. In his free time, you might find him freediving in the Atlantic Ocean with whales and manta rays, learning from his biggest teacher, nature and the animal kingdom, in his adopted home of the Azores archipelago.

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If your questions aren't answered below, Please don't hesitate to reach out to us!


When is this program happening?

You can now sign up for the next Cohort in May 2024.

The self-guided version can be joined anytime and is not cohort based, you can go through all the material in your own pace.

The live calls happen every other week on Wednesdays 6pm CET, the lectures can be watched in your own pace in between.

If you buy the self-guided program, you can start anytime and learn in your own pace.


will this program be right for me?

This program really is for everyone interested in focus and self-organization. If you enjoy a guided journey that combines insight, experiences and integration, this journey is for you.


How much does the course cost?

See the full details here.

We offer three pricing packages to suit your needs, time availability, and budget:

Live Community Journey for 249€: Includes bi-weekly live sessions in addition to lectures, resources, and exercises. Perfect for those who seek a vibrant learning community.

Self-Guided Option for 99€: Ideal for those who find it challenging to commit to weekly sessions. You'll have access to all course materials for an entire year.

Mentored Lifetime Community Pass for 499€: A one-time payment gives you lifelong access to all course updates and iterations, including future cohorts, and a one-on-one integration call with Lennart!

Special Offer: Until November 13th, 2023, all packages come with an introductory discount.


I’ve tried online courses before and I didn’t achieve the desired results, how is this different?

Unlike other courses, we focus on holistic human development, targeting not just the mind but also the nervous system, body, soul, heart, and spirit. Our training combines five key ingredients for lasting growth: Insight, Overview, Presence, Embodiment, and Authenticity.

My five key ingredients for lasting growth:

  • Insight: Transient knowledge, partial truths, the puzzle pieces that help our mind to surrender into the journey and give us clarity about the why.
  • Overview: A tested map for human development that give you orientation about your journey
  • Attention and presence: The way out of the matrix of illusions into a direct experience of an interdependent cosmos here and now.
  • Embodiment: Fully experiencing the journey in your body as a visceral experience and unfiltered participation to enable profound integration of the instincts, the traumas and the shadows through a deep sense of safety and connection.
  • Authenticity: Vulnerability coupled with agency, the expression of your truth, your will and your desires by speaking the truth and acting with integrity.


What is the time commitment for the course?

You'll need to allocate about one hour for lectures, two hours for Q&A and community circles every two weeks. Sessions are recorded, so you can catch up if you miss any.


What is the benefit of the lifetime membership?

The Lifetime Pass gives you eternal access to all current and future course material, locking in the current price despite any future increases.

Additionally, the Lifetime Pass come with a one-on-one mentoring session with the teacher which is a big support for your integration process


I work full-time, will I be able to fit this program into my life?

Yes, the course is designed to be flexible. Sessions are held at 6 pm CET, and recordings are available for those who cannot attend live.


How long does this course take?

The course goes over 12 weeks. However, the community you'll join often remains active for years, leading to long-lasting friendships and support networks.

"One of the biggest outcomes for me was the fact that my small group of five women still meet regularly online after two years. As we speak the same language after taking this course we are able to support each other and connect in a very nourishing way. Although we never met each other in real life these women are very dear to me and feel like my sisters.“

Inneke, Netherlands


What types of assignments I receive?

Assignments vary and may include awareness practices, embodiment exercises, and written tasks to support integration.


What devices can I view this on? What are the technology requirements?

The course is accessible on any modern device or computer. The platform is also available on mobile devices and phones.


Can I learn at my own pace?

Absolutely! All course materials are available on our custom online platform for you to access at your convenience.


Can I access the materials offline? Am I able to download the materials?

While you can download the presentations and extra resources, a download of the lectures and recordings is not possible.


What’s your refund policy?

We offer a no-questions-asked 100% money-back guarantee within 14 days of the course start date. After that period, no refunds will be available.