The True Power of ADHD


Learn tools to start flowing with ADHD over twelve weeks so you can stop masking who you are


Create powerful habits that help you leverage a state of hyper-focus whenever you want


Unlock the hidden strengths of ADHD for a life with more purpose and meaning through neuroscience, affect regulation, and attention training

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Your Journey to ADHD Empowerment

A Twelve-Week Journey

From Chaos to Hyper-Focus

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Understand the Science Behind ADHD: Uncover its evolutionary advantages and superpowers.


Embrace Your Neurotype: Acquire tools for living a fulfilling life connected to your purpose.


Master Emotional Regulation: Learn techniques to become more emotionally whole.


Build Genuine Relationships: Stop masking who you are and foster lasting, nourishing connections.


Develop Focused Habits: Implement strategies that boost focus, motivation, and well-being.


Break the Cycle of Shame: End the harmful cycles that stifle your creativity and focus.

In this 12-week online training, you will uncover the true nature of ADHD, understand its potential, and learn practical strategies to harness your unique gifts. Unlock the power of an extraordinary brain that was designed to go far beyond the limits of its tribe — as hunter and warrior, explorer and inventor, poet and philosopher, shaman and chief.

This course combines cutting-edge neuroscience, emotional regulation techniques, habit formation, nutrition protocols, relationship tools, and powerful attention hacks to create a holistic approach that sets you up to thrive, not just survive, with ADHD.

Would you like to turn your untapped superpower into focus, clarity and success?

In this training you will learn to:


Begin to see ADHD as a potential to be extraordinary


Self-regulate your nervous system to address emotional dysregulation and develop self-leadership


Challenge the untrue and unhelpful "disorder" narrative


Create fulfilling relationships that are adapted to your way of being


Master powerful behavioral and nutrition protocols to utilize natural dopamine for focus and motivation


Develop a capacity for deep presence and embodiment to enjoy life more fully


Find an ecstatic perspective on life that moves you towards a deeper purpose, instead of just being productive


Respond to life’s mysteries with clarity and self-leadership

I have spent the last 10 years finding answers to these challenges, allowing me to see things in a new light and develop this missing owner's manual for ADHD.

I’ve spent most of my life trapped in the vicious cycle of shame, guilt, frustration, and disconnection — feelings that anyone with ADHD knows all too well.

"You are lazy. You're not disciplined. You're not listening. You're a mess. Just try a to-do list." I too have heard these criticisms and "helpful" pieces of advice throughout my life and know the pain and shame they bring, as well as the frustration when none of those tips work.

Things changed drastically for me when I started approaching ADHD with the very curiosity it gifted me to develop a syncretic approach that not only understands ADHD from a holistic ecological perspective but also employs tools and protocols to thrive with it.

By exploring the blind spots of Western medicine, I began to weave together systems theory, developmental psychology, deep ecology, evolutionary biology, interpersonal neurobiology, experiences of non-ordinary states of consciousness, neuroscience, trauma, somatic perspectives (e.g. polyvagal theory), philosophical frameworks (e.g. integral theory, systems theory), psychology, mindfulness, biohacking protocols, and the latest understanding of the role of dopamine in reward, motivation, and effort, into a holistic framework for ADHD.

And then things clicked. I saw a beautiful pattern emerge: humanity has received a huge gift with this neurodiversity (or neuroemergence), and we haven't even started unwrapping it yet.

In this course, we'll dive into the new science of dopamine and motivation, create conducive habits to become hyper-focused, learn to manage our attention, get tips on supportive nutrition and supplements, and explore how to use somatic tools and trauma integration approaches to take back control. We'll stop the spiral of shame and guilt and turn the "curse" into a gift by further developing the executive functions in our prefrontal cortex that stalled in our childhood because we didn't receive the specific attention we needed.

In this course we'll dive into...

... the emerging science of dopamine and motivation, building hyper-focus habits, exploring the role of nutrition in cognition and motivation, and enhancing our attentional awareness.

We will explore crucial aspects of using somatic tools and trauma integration approaches to halt the spiral of shame, guilt, and emotional dysregulation, and to develop the essential executive functions in our prefrontal cortex that didn't fully develop because we lacked the specific attention we needed growing up.

Transforming past limitations into future strengths

Get to know the untold ADHD Superpowers, gifts from millions of years of evolution

We rarely discuss the amazing gifts and superpowers that accompany an ADHD brain. It's time to discover, celebrate, and learn how to utilize and master these unique traits!

Chances are, you're already using many of these abilities unconsciously, and they've likely helped you out of tricky situations more than once.

Check out the list of primal yet sophisticated ADHD superpowers, represented by an archetypal animal symbolizing that gift. And come check back soon as we're about to launch a fun and insightful quiz to help you identify your own ADHD strengths and discover which superpower already is your go-to resource!

And remember: All of these superpowers come with a problematic expression as well, like everything in life they are part of a polarity! Without proper training and education, they often remain underdeveloped or dormant.

Curiosity & Enthusiasm

People with ADHD are often spontaneous and open to new experiences, and also have a strong sense of curiosity, constantly seeking to learn and explore something new. This willingness to explore new ideas and activities can be an asset in both personal and professional settings, while their enthusiasm and passion is infectious and often inspires others.

Hyperfocus & Attention

While someone with ADHD can struggle with sustaining attention in certain situations, they can also enter a state of hyperfocus with extraordinary focus and attention. This can lead to high productivity and deep expertise in specific areas. ADHD Hyperfocus is often triggered by things that are either interesting, challenging, novel or come with a deadline.

Resilience & Adaptability

Having faced and overcome many challenges and adversities in their lives, people with ADHD often develop strong resilience and adaptability. They may be more equipped to handle setbacks and persist in the face of overwhelm and fear for much longer than others.

Multitasking & Complexity

People with ADHD often have an innate ability to manage multiple tasks or projects simultaneously, or even divide their attention like a parallel processor, especially when they are engaged in activities that stimulate their curiosity and creativity.

Empathy & Sensitivity

Many individuals with ADHD are highly empathetic and sensitive to the emotions of others. This can make them great friends, partners, and caregivers, as they are often in tune with the needs and feelings of those around them.

Click on a superpower to learn more about your go-to get-out-of-trouble superpower
Unique Perspectives & Out-of-the-Box Thinking

The unconventional thought processes of people with ADHD can lead them to see solutions that others may miss. Their out-of-the-box thinking can be a valuable asset in group settings, such as brainstorming sessions or entrepreneurial projects.

Intuition &

People with ADHD can have a strong, “sixth-sense” of intuition, allowing them to make accurate judgments or assessments in various situations based on subtle cues or patterns, or even without any rationalizable information. This high degree of presence and attunement to a larger whole can make them powerful coaches, shamans and leaders.

Energy & Stamina

Individuals with ADHD can have a seemingly boundless supply of energy, which can be channeled into athletic pursuits, entrepreneurial marathons, social activities, or other endeavors that require stamina and endurance.

Quick Thinking & decisionmaking

Because of their “hunter & explorer” brain, people with ADHD often think rapidly and are able to process information insanely fast. This can be an advantage in high-paced environments where quick decision-making is required.

Creativity & Intelligence

People with ADHD often have vivid imaginations and creative problem-solving abilities, often coupled with a high level of intelligence. They may excel in fields that require inventive thinking, such as entrepreneurship, leadership, art, design, and writing.

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Course Structure

• Six bi-weekly modules with pre-recorded lectures and supporting materials
• Bi-weekly live sessions for group discussions, Q&A, and experiential exercises (live cohort only)
• Access to a private online community for sharing your experiences and connecting with fellow participants (live cohort only)

The next live cohort will begin in May 2024. The course is designed on an bi-weekly basis so you have enough time to watch the lecture and integrate the extensive material. We always meet two week after a new lecture dropped.

The self-guided version can be joined any time and is not cohort based, you can go through all the material in you own pace.

Rewriting Our Story: What ADHD Really Is, and What It Isn't

Are you tired of the misconceptions and bad advice surrounding ADHD? In our first week, we'll debunk myths, unpack the common symptoms and complex nature of ADHD, and dive into the fascinating neurobiology behind this condition. But this journey isn't just about understanding ADHD — it's about reclaiming it.

We'll explore the untapped potential of ADHD, examining the evolutionary intelligence that underpins this unique neurotype. By the end of this module, you'll adopt a new term for ADHD that highlights its incredible potential and empowers you to see it as a gift, not a burden.

My current proposal is "ECHO," which stands for "Explorative and Creative Hyperfocus Orientation", aiming to break the disorder narrative and shift our focus towards understanding this perceptual orientation.

Because it is a potential, not an automatic superpower, it needs conscious cultivation to develop into a gift instead of growing unchecked into a hindrance. This is our objective in the subsequent modules.


Clear all misconceptions about ADHD and learn what factors contribute to turn it into a dysfunctional condition, and how to reverse this.


Understand the most common symptoms, why they emerge, and how to counteract them!


Discover the untapped potential of ADHD by focusing on its strengths.

Emotional Regulation & Trauma

Developmental trauma often contributes to the formation of ADHD as a dysfunctional condition. In this module, we'll focus on the significance of emotional regulation in ADHD. We'll also explore the roles of shame, guilt, and depression, and learn how to set effective boundaries.

By understanding trauma and affect regulation, and their impacts on our executive functioning, specifically in the orbitofrontal cortex, we continue our journey toward emotional maturity and full self-leadership.


Learn potent tools for affect regulation and setting boundaries, essential skills for anyone with ADHD.


Develop your executive functioning in a lasting way to turn your plans and intentions into action!


End the vicious cylce of fear, shame and guilt and find joy in experiencing the present moment in an ecstatic body, here and now.

The New Science of Dopamine and Motivation

Ever wondered what drives your actions and decisions? Enter the fascinating world of neurotransmitters in our third module.

We'll demystify dopamine, the critical component of motivation and reward, and delve into the role of the "here and now" neurotransmitters for real pleasure (hedonic reward).

Understanding these aspects can unlock a wealth of knowledge about your behavior, opening doors to improved focus, productivity, and overall satisfaction in life.

With this insight you will understand effort, motivation and drive and become the chief motivation officer in your own life with ease!


Clear the misunderstandings about dopamine, which is all about motivation, not pleasure!


Understand the brain fog you sometimes find yourself in and how to get rid of it!


Know when to push and when to pause, allowing you to escape the cycle of burnout and enjoy life effortlessly.

Habit Hacking

Fully exploit dopamine's power for your own success! This module introduces practical techniques to cultivate healthier habits that help manage ADHD.

From mastering "Dopamine Hygiene" to leveraging behavioral hacks, to nurturing focus habits, you'll learn various strategies designed to enhance productivity and minimize distractions.

We'll also explore the critical role of nutrition and optimal health for the ADHD neurotype, ensuring your physical well-being complements your cognitive and emotional health. We'll discuss how to organize your environment and daily routines to cultivate clarity and hyperfocus.


Develop productivity and neuro-hygiene habits that make effort feel easy instead of creating even more unachievable goals and expectations!


Elevate your dopamine baseline through simple yet profound behavior and nutrition hacks that set you up for success!


Create individual emergency protocols to help you regain focus and emotional stability when you find yourself off-track.

Relationships & ADHD

Living with ADHD can pose unique challenges in romantic relationships and friendships. This module equips you with tools to navigate intricate social dynamics and foster a culture of mutual understanding, compassion, and curiosity.

Through open conversations about ADHD's impact on relationships and social interactions, you'll gain effective strategies to inform your environment, and foster a sense of connection, empathy, and understanding with those around you.

Learn to create the interfaces you need to translate your way of being for others and invite them into your beautiful mind with honesty and compassion.


Stop the masking of who you are and educate your environment how to be with you! Create mutual understanding instead of shame and confusion!


Clarify expectations at work to prevent disconnection and conflict.


Honor your relational needs instead of trying to be someone you're not, allowing you to engage with others authentically and joyfully.

Finding Your Own Way

In our concluding week, the spotlight turns toward envisioning a future where ADHD doesn't define you but empowers you.
You'll learn to shift your perception of ADHD, cultivate pride in your neurodiversity, and uncover strategies to develop your unique gifts.

We'll also investigate your unique relationship to purpose, and how your innate passion and curiosity serve as evolutionary drivers directing you towards it.

This module acts as the foundational stepping stone for your ongoing journey toward acceptance, personal growth, and empowerment—a journey that truly begins once the course concludes.


Cultivate a sense of pride for your unique neurological design and the potential it holds.


Connect to your sense of purpose and harness your passion, desire, and curiosity as evolutionary drivers guiding you toward it.


Equip yourself for a lifelong adventure of integrating your neurodiversity, shaping your distinct gifts, and participating in our collective evolution as an intelligent, biodiverse community.

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This work has already impacted hundreds of lives.
I want it to impact yours too.

All following testimonials were given for the Wired for Wonder Intro Workshop, which gives you an impression of what this course can do for you and has done for others already.


‍Berlin, Germany

1 / 8

Inspiring Hope and Empowerment

I am incredibly grateful for the transformative experience I had during the weekend retreat at "Attention Berlin" I participated in May led by Lennart. The retreat was challenging in many ways, as it prompted me to delve into a dimly problematic area of my life.

Throughout the retreat, I confronted feelings of familiarity, guilt, and shame that had been lingering in my life, and I now see them more clearly than ever before. Lennart orchestrated the weekend with a remarkable sense of balance and thoughtful planning. The material presented during the retreat was well-researched and very informative, easily accessible and conveyed in a clear and understandable manner.

What truly sets Lennart apart is his personal connection to the problem at hand, as he draws from his own lived experiences. This allows him to approach the challenges with a profoundly positive outlook, inspiring hope and empowerment within all of us. Under Lennart's guidance, I gained valuable insights into my own life and discovered a newfound strength to confront and overcome obstacles.

I wholeheartedly recommend Lennart as a retreat leader to anyone seeking personal growth and transformation. His unique ability to combine personal experiences, a positive mindset, and effective communication make him a remarkable facilitator.


Berlin, Germany

2 / 8

A creative approach that doesn't work against my nature

Lennart's workshop offer came at just the right moment. I longed for an exchange with people who understand my experiences, a holistic view of ADHD, and new, more creative approaches that don't work against my nature, but with it.

Lennart's ATTENTION workshop was super important and healing for me. I have found comfort, connection, relief, fun, clarity, inspiration, hope and a more differentiated and somatic approach to dealing with myself and my brain. Very specific. And a community. That's quite a lot and I'm grateful for it.

What made it safe and so valuable for me was specifically that we started on the ground of radical acceptance and appreciation of neurodivergence. And that it was about self-agency, about gaining my ability to act in a neuro-atypical way, not about adjustment, fixing, unrestrained self-optimization.

It was so special to connect with other ADHD people on the subject for the first time in a group setting. I didn't expect how big this effect would be for me. I felt so "right", so at ease. The exchange, recognizing each other, sharing all the otherwise strange behaviors, connecting in humor and in the pain, that was deeply felt by everyone, was touching, powerful, relieving. I want to continue that.

It was also essential for me that Lennart as a teacher, spaceholder and companion with experience and knowledge revealed himself personally and vulnerably as a person with ADHD. With his lived expertise, with the neuro-atypical perception, the super powers, the skills, barriers, nerdy things, with the failures and the pain. That was beautiful, made learning and accepting easier and inspired me to be even more open about my ADHD at work.


Resilience Coach

Zürich, Switzerland

3 / 8

Educational and Inspiring

I had the privilege of attending Lennart's workshop ATTENTION, and I can confidently say that it was a transformative experience. Lennart's deep understanding of the condition, coupled with his passion for empowering individuals with neurodiversity, created an environment that was both educational and inspiring.

From the moment the workshop began, Lennart skillfully broke down the misconceptions and societal stigmas surrounding ADHD. He encouraged us to challenge the prevailing narratives and embrace the unique gifts and potential that come with ADHD. It was a refreshing perspective that allowed me to shed self-doubt and truly believe in my abilities.

One of the most valuable aspects of the workshop was Lennart's exploration of emotional regulation and trauma, and how they are intricately connected to ADHD. He provided us with powerful somatic tools that enabled me to break the cycle of dysregulation, impulsivity, and lack of motivation and control. These tools were practical and effective, offering a new path towards self-mastery.



Berlin, Germany

4 / 8


Berlin, Germany

5 / 8

Weaving many threads into a systemic big whole

In his teachings, Lennart had the immense capacity to expand the contextual space into all directions in a holistic way, without artificially reducing the complexity. That was so beneficial. He has connected many different perspectives - neurobiological, chemical, trauma-informed, somatic, social, systemic - that otherwise stand aside as separate conceptual entities, meaningfully and with a perspective on concrete application. Thus weaving the many threads into a wearable material and into the systemic big whole that can absorb all contradictions.

With his clear and warm presence he navigated us through this space - and everything that came up in the group's resonance found a place in it. So it didn't remain an intellectual lecture, but was a group experience in “both and” of almost hypnotic quality. Very difficult for me to put into words. It created a deep sense of calm and peace within me that has stayed.

The most important thing for me was Lennart's attitude towards pain, which is avoided often, but is inevitably always there, in effort and confrontation or in avoidance and procrastination. Seeing this illusion of freedom from pain consciously dissolved and being encouraged to seek truthfulness with courage resonated deep within me. To turn resistance into pain that goes with it. This helps me specifically when it becomes real and hurts.


Berlin, Germany

6 / 8

A Game Changer

Lennart's explanation of the science behind dopamine and its role in motivation was a game-changer. Understanding the neurochemical processes at play helped me develop a deeper awareness of my own motivations and how to harness them effectively. The strategies for habit formation and navigating relationships were equally enlightening, they equipped me with practical tools to succeed in my personal and professional life.

What truly set Lennart's workshop apart was his emphasis on integrating our unique neurodiversity into a fulfilling and authentic life. He celebrated our differences and taught us how to leverage them as strengths. Through his guidance, I learned to embrace my inner superheroes and rise above other peoples expectations, inspiring me to create a life that aligns with my true self.

Lennart's expertise, compassion, and ability to connect with each participant on a personal level were truly remarkable. His workshop was a safe space where we could share our experiences, learn from one another, and grow together. The sense of community and support that emerged from the workshop was invaluable and continues to inspire me in my journey.

I wholeheartedly recommend Lennart's workshop to anyone seeking to unlock their full potential and embrace their ADHD as a source of strength. It is a life-changing experience that will equip you with the tools, knowledge, and mindset needed to thrive in a world that often misunderstands neurodiversity. Lennart's dedication to empowering individuals with ADHD is nothing short of extraordinary, and I am grateful to have been a part of this transformative journey.


Hamburg, Germany

7 / 8

An intense kickstart that will reverberate within me for a long time

I was amazed by the research spirit with which Lennart observed himself and his dopamine levels and tried out field experiments over months to find out which hacks and neurodivergent strategies help to support and regulate them. I was familiar with the focus on the body's somatic signals from trauma work, but to relate to my ADHD brain in this way or to pay attention to my own balance between left and right hemisphere activity was new to me and super helpful.

In awareness exercises, I learned how to consciously bring about the change, which gave me a sense of self-efficacy. And now I'm more aware of when the "super skills" are really helpful for my goal and when they are dissuading me from it, disguised as a great idea. Very small, subtle shifts in perception that take practice and work, but are already making a difference.

Lennart has shared his practical experiences, hacks and protocols, like a morning routine, or a routine to get out of vicious cycles, so that we have a starting point, an idea of what it can look like and everyone can adapt it for themselves. Since establishing routines is often extremely difficult, it was good to have Lennart as a model of how he worked it out to live with ADHD. He also set up a community where we can all stay connected, share our celebrations, struggles, hacks and tools and keep in touch. The structure is great, everything has a place in it and can be found again!

The workshop was an intense kickstart that will reverberate within me for a long time. And I am very excited to continue this work in the six week online program with Lennart and the extended group and more time!


Youth Educator & Coach


8 / 8

I came for the life hacks and quickly realized, that what I would find was so much more.

I came for the life hacks and quickly realized, that what I would find was so much more. The workshop was at the same time challenging (in the best kind of way) eye opening and mostly giving me new perspectives which I didn’t even know I needed.

Coming into the circle I immediately realized that these aren’t the lazy slackers I often used to to view myself as. Through uncovering layers of shame and other uncomfortable feelings, I found an inner peace and acceptance I haven’t felt in a long while.

For me it was a powerful community experience that gave me new hope and direction which I highly recommend for anyone affected by ADHD or wanting to understand more about the topic. And if you’re looking for life hacks, you’ll find those as well :)


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Your Lead Facilitator

Lennart Hennig

Lennart is a seasoned international growth and leadership facilitator, who fuses a diverse range of disciplines — consciousness studies, neuroscience, developmental psychology, evolution theory, embodiment, semantic studies, trauma, and deep ecology — into an integral and systemic framework for holistic personal and collective development. As a Steward and Co-Founder of the regenerative village project “Alma Do Solo”, he is engaged in co-creating a living culture of regeneration, self-sufficiency and communal living.

Lennart is deeply committed to unlocking our full human potential by challenging the paradigm of separation that pervades our individual and cultural identities. He invites us to embrace every facet of the human experience for a state of authenticity, presence and vulnerability, lays the foundation for recognizing our profound interdependency and interconnectedness.

He is particularly intrigued by the transformative potential our collective and individual shadows are holding, inviting us to begin honoring death and darkness as places of growth and rebirth. He believes we can step into a dialectical relationship towards more truth instead of polarization and champions the importance of internal emotional regulation as the path to true human connection, enabling us to face the vastness of our individual, collective and ancestral grief as a portal into deep intimacy with life as it is.

With almost two decades of coaching experience, Lennart has guided a diverse clientele — from single mothers to CEOs of global companies — in human development, innovation, and leadership. Anchored in "The Principles of Liberation, Love, and Leadership", his unique body of work aims to empower both individuals and organizations to act purposefully as conscious components of a greater, undivided whole.

As a father Lennart is devoted to mending our attachment-based disconnection from our true capacity for attuned leadership and personal sovereignty. In his free time, you might find him freediving in the Atlantic Ocean with whales and manta rays, learning from his biggest teacher, nature and the animal kingdom, in his adopted home of the Azores archipelago.

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This course comes in three different packages, so you can adjust it to your needs, availability of time and current financial capacity.

A Live Community Journey

Our flagship package is a twelve-week Live Community Journey, that includes powerful lectures, resources, and exercises. These materials are available for you to explore at your own pace, but on top of that we hold weekly community meetings with Lennart to integrate the material and address your questions live.

Every Monday, we convene for a live Q&A and reflection session centered around the week's topic. These meetings also feature breakout rooms, hands-on exercises, and sharing circles, fostering a sense of community that is vital for long-term success.

A Self-Guided Option

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Bi-Weekly Live Q&A: Engage directly with the teacher and  sudents in Q&A sessions with exercises


Bi-Weekly Sharing Circles: A dedicated space to integrate your learning, share insights, and support one another.


Special Bonus: Receive a 50% discount on a 1-on-1 mentorship call with Lennart, valued at €150!

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Mini Online Training on Self-Leadership: 'A Taste of ONE'

Master Your Nervous System
: Become more present by learning how your nervous system reacts to perceived threats, and how to manage those responses effectively.

Recognize Traumatic Activations: Identify and address the triggers that may disrupt your leadership abilities ntegrate fragmented aspects of yourself to cultivate a more unified, whole sense of self.

Own Your Shadows: Taking responsibility for your 'shadow' elements is the key to resolving conflict and polarization, enabling you to become an empowered agent of change.
‍Tmini training lays the foundation for developing strong self-leadership skills, offering a preliminary set of tools and insights to prepare you for our main program, W

This mini-training is included for everyone enrolled in Wired for Wonder. Consider it your kickstart guide to succeeding with the program.

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why The Paradigm of Normativity must end

Nature bolsters ecosystems against environmental challenges through increased biodiversity. A biodiverse ecosystem is healthier, more resilient, and better equipped to adapt to complexity and change. While we understand this principle in the context of natural and agricultural ecosystems, it's equally true for human societies.

Despite some progress in embracing some aspects of diversity, our culture remains enamored with normativity — a human equivalent to agricultural monoculture. A believe that there is an ideal "standard" type of person, while perceiving deviations from it as dysfunctional that need to be fixed.

This perspective diametrically contradicts the evolutionary intelligence of this living planet, which thrives on diversity and differentiation. In fact, a monoculture of normativity is the most unstable and fragile condition for any system.

As humanity grapples with pressing environmental challenges and rising complexity, ADHD — or more accurately the underlying genetic and neurological polymorphisms — could be a profound adaptive response from an intelligent planetary ecology. We just haven't recognized it for what it is yet: an intelligent, ecological counteraction to human monoculture with immense purpose and meaning, one of natures countless intelligent ways to create a healthy biodiverse ecosystem that is capable of responding to the challenges of our time.

Our society frequently mislabels ADHD as a disorder, leading to numerous misconceptions and bad advice. This ignorance masks the true potential and contributions of individuals with ADHD. Misunderstanding the condition results in pain and confusion, but the issue is not ADHD itself; it's how society relates to it. The problems emerge from the demand to function exactly the way normativity expects it. This is like trying to deliver heavy cargo with a race car, or trying to win the formula-1 with an excavator.

Of course you can make it work, but you will always look at the race car as not working properly, underperforming, being too sensitive, constantly having issues, and being dysfunctional. But changing it's tires won't do the trick.

This is how ADHD neurotypes are feeling in todays world. Not performing, not contributing, not useful, not meaningful, not having value. Trying to fix themselves with medication.

"Everyone is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid."

Misattributed to Albert Einstein, true source unknown

People with ADHD possess extraordinary capacities: They can be very creative, intuitive, comfortable with complexity, quick thinking, often hold unique perspectives, are empathetic, spontaneous, enthusiastic, curious, have a lot of energy, are resilient, and highly adaptive to new situations. All things we desperately need to turn around the ship. But to tap into these powers, we need to understand ADHD as a neuro-emergent condition that requires a distinct approach.

There is a reason a race car and a heavy duty truck need completely different trainings and skills to be driven properly. But in our culture all neurotypes are receiving the same one-size-fits all education and are expected to iron out the kinks on their own. That’s not going to work. We must create environments where neurodiversity can flourish, serving its natural purpose: offering unique perspectives outside the mainstream mythos, driving social, technological, philosophical and cultural innovation, and reinvigorating our fragile monocultures.

This is why I spent months weaving my personal experiences and transformational work into a curriculum for individuals with ADHD, their communities, and anyone open to shifting their perspectives. So we all can recognize and celebrate the tremendous gift these individuals bring to be for the collective, and enable them to lead themselves into a live of creativity, focus, connection, and purpose.

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You don’t need be a skilled self-development expert to take this journey

You just need the right ingredients.

If you've tried numerous other trainings and find yourself wondering, "Why would this work for me now?" you're not alone. The self-development market is crowded, with myriad offerings all claiming to have the answer.

Yet, many courses fall short of providing the essentials for lasting growth, often due to an incomplete understanding of human development. True transformation is an integrative and vulnerable process that must encompass the mind, nervous system, body, soul, heart, and spirit — not just pile on more knowledge.

That's why our training employs a holistic approach, combining knowledge, awareness, and direct bodily experience to enable a more integrated and stable state of being. We are using five key ingredients for human growth, mindfully interwoven into an experience that will last.

My five key ingredients for lasting growth:

  • Insight: The foundational yet partial truths that help your mind surrender to the journey and provide clarity about its purpose.
  • Overview: A proven map for human development that guides you through your journey.
  • Attention and presence: The way out of the maze of illusions into a direct experience of an interdependent cosmos.
  • Embodiment: A fully visceral experience that enables profound integration through a deep sense of safety and connection.
  • Authenticity: The perfect blend of vulnerability and agency, allowing you to express yourself and your desires with integrity.

Who This Training is for

Wondering if this program is the right fit for you? If you fall into one of these categories, then yes, this course is designed with you in mind.


Everyone who struggles with an ADHD diagnosis

If you've been diagnosed with ADHD or suspect you have it, this course provides you with the tools and knowledge you need to manage your condition and thrive.


Everyone who is lacking focus

Even if you don't think you have ADHD but struggle with maintaining focus, this program offers a deep dive into the neurobiology of focus and effort, along with practical tools to improve it.


COaches, therapists and facilitators

If you are coaching individuals with ADHD, this training provides invaluable insights into how individuals with ADHD perceive the world, enabling you to support them in more meaningful ways.


Everyone who wants to better understand the ADHD Neurotype

If you have friends, family, or a romantic partner with ADHD, this course will deepen your understanding of their world view, making it easier for you to relate to them.

Join a Supportive Community of ADHD Superheroes

Connect with like-minded individuals, share your experiences, and receive expert guidance throughout your 12-week journey.

Don't miss this chance to be part of a powerful and transformative community!

Join the Community!

This course is focused on your learning

Comprehensive Lecture Videos, Resources and Homework

We've spent countless hours in the studio producing top-quality, pre-recorded lecture videos for you.

All content is housed on our custom-made online learning platform, ready for you to access whenever your busy life allows.

Weekly Community Q&As, Sharings, and circle work

But that's not all:

Every week, we gather for live Q&As, sharing sessions, and circle work focused on vulnerability to ensure that the theoretical knowledge you gain is fully embodied and integrated into your new sense of self.

You can ask any questions that arise from the weekly lectures and receive personalized answers from our expert faculty.

A Moderated Community Space for Integration

If you wish to share a longer post about your journey or have questions outside the live Q&A sessions, we offer a safe, private, and moderated community space. This forum is available 24/7 and allows you to interact with both instructors and fellow students across the globe.

In this space, our moderators ensure you get the support you need. You can upload video shares, write posts, and engage with a like-minded community.

Here you will also be able to find free regular bonus content and engage in other spaces with people interested in collective development. Your access to this platform is free and forever. It doesn't end when the course ends.

An answer to the Adhd Problem - Which, in fact, wasn't meant to be a problem

Not Just Another Online Course.

This training is an immersive group experience designed to initiate you into a new way of living — connected and in community. You'll be supported by an experienced team of facilitators and assistants, along with your peers.

This training is designed for your success


Experienced Facilitators

Our facilitators are committed to their own ongoing development and share their wisdom directly from their personal experiences — not from an ivory tower.


competent Assistants

Our trained assistants have undergone this journey themselves and offer empathetic support. They're available anytime to help you with emotional regulation and full participation.


You’re not doing this alone

You are part of a vulnerable group and learn from the reflections and harvests of your peers who are going through the same journey with you. Learning together and witnessing each others growth, challenges, and successes is a key aspect of human development. We were never meant to do this alone.


Learn at Your Own Pace

All course content, including lectures, exercises, homework, and recorded group sessions, is accessible anytime and anywhere through our exclusive online platform.

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If your questions aren't answered below, Please don't hesitate to reach out to us!


When is this program happening?

You can now sign up for the next Cohort in May 2024.

The self-guided version can be joined anytime and is not cohort based, you can go through all the material in your own pace.

The live calls happen every other week on Wednesdays 6pm CET, the lectures can be watched in your own pace in between.

If you buy the self-guided program, you can start anytime and learn in your own pace.


will this program be right for me?

This program really is for everyone interested in focus and self-organization. If you enjoy a guided journey that combines insight, experiences and integration, this journey is for you.


How much does the course cost?

See the full details here.

We offer three pricing packages to suit your needs, time availability, and budget:

Live Community Journey for 249€: Includes bi-weekly live sessions in addition to lectures, resources, and exercises. Perfect for those who seek a vibrant learning community.

Self-Guided Option for 99€: Ideal for those who find it challenging to commit to weekly sessions. You'll have access to all course materials for an entire year.

Mentored Lifetime Community Pass for 499€: A one-time payment gives you lifelong access to all course updates and iterations, including future cohorts, and a one-on-one integration call with Lennart!

Special Offer: Until November 13th, 2023, all packages come with an introductory discount.


I’ve tried online courses before and I didn’t achieve the desired results, how is this different?

Unlike other courses, we focus on holistic human development, targeting not just the mind but also the nervous system, body, soul, heart, and spirit. Our training combines five key ingredients for lasting growth: Insight, Overview, Presence, Embodiment, and Authenticity.

My five key ingredients for lasting growth:

  • Insight: Transient knowledge, partial truths, the puzzle pieces that help our mind to surrender into the journey and give us clarity about the why.
  • Overview: A tested map for human development that give you orientation about your journey
  • Attention and presence: The way out of the matrix of illusions into a direct experience of an interdependent cosmos here and now.
  • Embodiment: Fully experiencing the journey in your body as a visceral experience and unfiltered participation to enable profound integration of the instincts, the traumas and the shadows through a deep sense of safety and connection.
  • Authenticity: Vulnerability coupled with agency, the expression of your truth, your will and your desires by speaking the truth and acting with integrity.


What is the time commitment for the course?

You'll need to allocate about one hour for lectures, two hours for Q&A and community circles every two weeks. Sessions are recorded, so you can catch up if you miss any.


What is the benefit of the lifetime membership?

The Lifetime Pass gives you eternal access to all current and future course material, locking in the current price despite any future increases.

Additionally, the Lifetime Pass come with a one-on-one mentoring session with the teacher which is a big support for your integration process


I work full-time, will I be able to fit this program into my life?

Yes, the course is designed to be flexible. Sessions are held at 6 pm CET, and recordings are available for those who cannot attend live.


How long does this course take?

The course goes over 12 weeks. However, the community you'll join often remains active for years, leading to long-lasting friendships and support networks.

"One of the biggest outcomes for me was the fact that my small group of five women still meet regularly online after two years. As we speak the same language after taking this course we are able to support each other and connect in a very nourishing way. Although we never met each other in real life these women are very dear to me and feel like my sisters.“

Inneke, Netherlands


What types of assignments I receive?

Assignments vary and may include awareness practices, embodiment exercises, and written tasks to support integration.


What devices can I view this on? What are the technology requirements?

The course is accessible on any modern device or computer. The platform is also available on mobile devices and phones.


Can I learn at my own pace?

Absolutely! All course materials are available on our custom online platform for you to access at your convenience.


Can I access the materials offline? Am I able to download the materials?

While you can download the presentations and extra resources, a download of the lectures and recordings is not possible.


What’s your refund policy?

We offer a no-questions-asked 100% money-back guarantee within 14 days of the course start date. After that period, no refunds will be available.

I really want you to join this training.

And not just because I believe in this work and the impact it will have on your life.

I also have a selfish interest: I want to live in a world of empowered creative, compassionate and curious people that help me create a regenerative paradigm that works for everyone, including this whole living planet that we are a part of.

I want that for you, for me, and especially for the coming generation that my little daughter is a part of. I need your help to build an inclusive and thriving world that is worth growing up in and taking care of.

The challenges of our time are immense. We're at a critical juncture that requires us to harness the full spectrum of humanity's neurodiverse abilities to evolve into a regenerative species that is not just surviving but thriving. And the time for this transformation is now.

If you're wondering how to start on this path, I'm here to help. If there's anything I can do to support you in stepping into leadership—both for yourself and for the collective good—please don't hesitate to reach out and let me know how I can be of service.

With love,