Attention Berlin

Attention Berlin

A weekend journey from curse to gift for the ADHD neurokin




May 13, 2023


May 14, 2023





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This weekend workshop includes a free membership in the upcoming 6-week online training ATTENTION!

Our culture is in love with normativity. A believe that there is a “normal” type of person that has the usual patterns, abilities and personality expressions, and then there are deviations from it that somewhat broken and dysfunctional. This perspective diametrically contradicts the evolutionary intelligence of this living planet that creates stability and vitality through diversity and differentiation in every aspect of life. The monoculture of normativity is the most unstable and fragile condition of an ecosystem.

One of the many ways mainstream culture has misunderstood natures intelligence behind creating neurodiversity and differentiation is our relationship to ADHD. We have a distorted understanding of the phenomenon, usually portraying it as a disorder or disease that needs fixing. This perception has led to numerous misconceptions and regular bad advice, resulting in a collective misjudgment of the true potential and gifts of those with ADHD and their important role in the evolution of society. Without a proper understanding of what ADHD is and how to use the extraordinary vehicle a person with ADHD has received, it indeed creates a lot of pain, confusion and problems in ones life and relationships. But the problem isn’t the complex as such, it’s how we relate to it. The problem and the suffering of ADHD emerges in the demand of society to function exactly the way normativity expects it. This is like trying to go grocery shopping with a formula 1 car.

What is urgently needed is a better understanding what ADHA really is, and how we can apply it as the superpower it is, which has a profound purpose in this world.

In this transformational weekend workshop, we will embark on a journey to reframe ADHD as an evolutionary advantage and explore its true potential as an intentional manifestation of earth's evolutionary intelligence.

Join us as we explore the fascinating neurobiology, and the unique superpowers that lie within this neurodiversity. We'll dive into the new science of dopamine and motivation, create amazing habits that create hyper focus and attention, and we learn the crucial aspects of how to use somatic tools and trauma integration take control, stop the spiral of shame and guilt and turn the curse into a gift. This immersive experience is perfect for anyone wanting to gain a deeper understanding of ADHD and embrace its hidden potential.

If you don’t belong to the group of people with the ADHD neurodiversity but you are trying to understand it better because you relate to someone with ADHD (a partner, a family member), you are welcome to join us with curiosity, openness and respect.


Structure of the workshop:

• Duration: Friday Afternoon till Sunday Evening
• Group size: Limited to 28 participants plus facilitation team to ensure a high-quality experience
• Combination of lectures, group discussions, practices, somatic exercises
• Location: The Nest, Berlin Wedding

• Saturday: 10 am - 6:30 pm
• Sunday: 10 am - 6:30 pm
(Tickets do not include accommodation or food)

This Workshop is for you if you want to:
• Break free from misconceptions and societal stigmas surrounding ADHD
• Discover and embrace the unique gifts and potential of ADHD
• Explore emotional regulation, trauma, and their connection to ADHD
• Get somatic tools to break the cycle of dysregulation, impulsivity and lack of motivation and control
• Understand the science of dopamine and its role in motivation
• Learn effective strategies for habit formation and navigating relationships
• Integrate your unique neurodiversity into a fulfilling and authentic life
• Become a superhero.

Costs: To make this workshop accessible for as many people as possible, we offer a sliding scale. Please choose a ticket option that best reflects your financial capacity. The different tiers are limited to 10 tickets each. So please be sincere and honest in your self-assessment and pick the category that matches your financial capacity. • Low Income Ticket: 199€ (made possible by a supporter ticket) • Regular Ticket: 249€ • Supporter Ticket: 299€ (supports a Low Income Ticket for someone else)

This weekend workshop will touch on the following topics:

Rewriting Your Story: What ADHD really is, and what it isn’t

• Hypersensitivity, developmental trauma, and environmental factors in the emergence of ADHD.

• Understand the neurobiology of ADHD

• Discover the potential of ADHD as a gift and learn about the evolutionary intelligence behind it.

Emotional Regulation & Trauma

• Learn about emotional regulation and its significance in ADHD.

• Explore the role of shame, guilt, fear and depression in ADHD.

• Gain insights on how to integrate your parts and become more whole.

The New Science of Dopamine & Motivation

• Gain an understanding of neurotransmitters and the role of dopamine in ADHD.

• Explore the science of motivation and reward.

• Understand the mechanics of attention, presence and motivation.

Habit Hacking

• Create new behavioral habits that increase dopamine levels.

• Learn about the three poisons for ADHD and how to avoid them.

•Explore the role of nutrition, gut microbiome, and medication in managing ADHD symptoms.

Relationships & ADHD

• Examine the challenges and opportunities in romantic relationships and friendships for those with ADHD.

• Learn effective strategies for interacting with people and navigating conversations.

• Learn how to relate to or parent someone with ADHD.

Finding Your Way with the Neurodiversity

• Reframe ADHD for yourself by understanding its potential. We will give it a new name!

• Nurture a sense of pride in your neurodiversity and learn how to develop your unique gifts.

• Explore the concept of purpose, passion, and the role of ADHD in personal evolution.


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Impression of this Offering






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