ONE - A Radical Journey to Wholeness

ONE - A Radical Journey to Wholeness

The Missing Manual for Being Human



April 24, 2023


August 25, 2023





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Being Human is not easy. It's confusing, disorienting, and at times just plain painful. Although being human is the only experience most of us can remember ever having, we know so little about it. How come we don't get the "Human 101" manual for this trip handed to us right at birth?

How come the biggest subjects in our western education systems aren't about how to navigate a human life with leadership, purpose, ease, joy, grace, trust and courage? Why instead we learn how to prepare for a culture that lives in constant fear and scarcity, investing all our financial resources into training for a job that allows us to barely survive in a global game of endless competition, environmental extraction, and fear, distracted from the essence of this epic journey? Why aren't we set up to thrive with ecstasy and excitement? Where is the school of life we all deeply long for in our lives?

One thing I know for sure: it is not because the knowledge and insight on how to live this precious journey in an ecstatic, passionate and intimate relationship with all life doesn't exist within the collective human mind. It does. The manual exists. But it is fragmented and deeply hidden in a confusing and seemingly endless array of hard to access scientific fields, religious beliefs, esoteric wisdom traditions, philosophical and metaphysical frameworks, and infinite niche practices. And as if this wouldn't be hard enough, non of these areas are really talking to each other, so they're not even aware they are holding puzzle pieces that need each other, the pages of the book of life.

It takes dedication, perseverance, a healthy dose of obsession and an understanding of syncretism and integration to not only hunt these pieces, but also put them together in a way that opens the portals to life. Many people achieve this, only few leave the breadcrumbs to let others follow, or they do so with even more esoteric barriers than their teachers. Which is why most of us give up at some point, and fall back into the hamster wheel of hustling in a disconnected world of separation, to make it through somehow, more surviving than thriving, reaching the end somewhat healthy but unclear what this journey was even about.

My little more than a healthy dose of obsession and an insatiable curiosity have made me spend most of my life hunting those puzzle pieces and figuring out how to put them together in a meaningful way that creates true insight and alive wisdom. This curiosity has over the years accumulated into its own body of work and created a coherent and comprehensive learning journey about who to feel empowered and excited within the human journey. And I want to share this with you. My biggest excitement is to lay these breadcrumbs and make the elusive secrets of life accessible, understandable and exciting to decipher.

The result of this life-long passion is this training. A comprehensive and practical program, guiding anyone through the mysteries of life in a way that is approachable and directly transferable to you every day life and your direct experience of life as an ever-changing transitory relationship. All mysteries? Of course not, life is a mystery beyond the possibility of human comprehension, but it will get you excited about uncovering more and more of it with joy and passion, having a big YES to living life fully as a human being, however hard it may present itself at times!

In my pursuit of answers I have journeyed through many different fields around the core idea of transformation and evolution. I have been an entrepreneur and innovator, working in startup industry. I have been a top management consultant, teaching CEO's around the world how to innovate and transform their organizations towards wholeness, responsiveness and sustainability. I have engaged in my own spiritual growth in Zen Buddhism, Tantra and other wisdom traditions. I have worked intensively with plant medicine and the psychedelic community to explore and integrate altered states of consciousness. I have coached and facilitated individuals, couples and groups through their personal developmental journey. I have spent countless hours researching and studying eastern and western philosophies, psychology and neurobiology to develop a cognitive framework that encourages growth and integration. And I have put this framework to the test extensively, running multiple online courses and real world trainings with over 200 individuals to fine tune, test and refine this journey to a tried and tested, proven recipe for your liberation!

Of course, there is no single theory of everything, but there are many strings of wisdom that make life more accessible, enjoyable and enable us to become a creator, stepping into power and agency.

The result of all of this is: "ONE - A Radical Journey to Wholeness" and I would be honored if you'd join us for the 2023 intake!

More on the philosophy of the training:

We grow up and spend most of our lives immersed in a paradigm of separation. We build our identity and our sense of self, the center of gravity from which we experience the world, through the perception of an individual. An individual that is separate from the other, fundamentally and profoundly disconnected from everything else. An independent unit, journeying through an alienated cosmos, looking for its place, its purpose, its path. Me and you. Inside and outside. Here and there. Until this journey of individuality ends through an experience we call "death", most people never get in touch with the other side of the coin, the other way of experiencing the cosmos: as one undivided whole. Some are lucky enough to come in touch with meditative practices that allow them to have a momentary experience of non-duality, a whiff of enlightenment, what Japanese Zen Buddhism calls a "Kensho", but only few achieve the integration of that experience into a permanent sense of self, identifying primarily with all life, having within that an apparent but not real experience of individuality. Experiencing non-separation isn’t only achievable through meditative states and enlightenment though, it is a perspective that is widely available as part of the human journey of evolution. The process of individuation is just one part of this journey, the other is (re-)identification with all.

This process of identification is where the individual integrates into the whole and recognizes the transitory and partial truth of separation as just another sensory experience, a semantic and perceptual illusion we believe is real and get attached to. Yet everything is profoundly whole. One. Interconnected, interdependent, and interpenetrated. Both perspectives have their purpose, both are necessary, both are vital aspects of the collective journey from One to many to One. (To many to one to many to one to...) One Vitality Principle. One "I" that gazes out of every eye. One beginningless and endless experience. One planet. One Kosmos. One soul. One humanity. One Life.


This training wants to bring both into perspective, context, and relationship, in an experiential and deeply embodied way. Because a life beyond individuality is deeply satisfying and purposeful, but also because it’s utterly needed in today’s fragmented world to find the golden glue that creates a whole vessel out of the shatters again We are now standing at the beginning of what probably is the biggest shift in human consciousness since the cognitive revolution 70.000 years ago that brought complex language into the human experience: the death of the myth of separation, which is the foundation of our global culture, self-awareness, and socio-economic structures. We are moving from a reductionistic, isolating, hopeless, survival-based, game-theoretic, resource wasting, emotionally disconnected, and somatically dissociated paradigm into one that is defined by profound interdependency, wholeness, integration, developmental awareness, connection, intimacy, and the unshakeable awareness that there is no separation whatsoever to be found anywhere in this cosmos. An awareness that reminds us that we are this Earth and this whole humanity.

In the paradigm of connection and wholeness, it becomes utterly clear that the crisis won't be solved through technology, but through living from a deeply integrated sense of self that is not separate from this Earth, an identity that is grounded in interdependency and purpose. The transformation will happen from within, when we enter a relationship of syntropy with this living ecology that we are an inseparable part of.


This four-month masterclass is the missing manual for the human experience. It supports you in kickstarting your evolutionary journey and take full ownership over your life. To help you overcome the polarization in our mainstream media and culture, to truly understand and alchemize the conflicts we are surrounded by, and transcend the contradictions that hold you back. Finding synthesis on a higher order of integration.

It is a journey through embodiment, safety, interpersonal neurobiology, trauma awareness, shadow work, relationship, deep ecology, desire, intimacy, community, sense-making, dialectics, culture, integral theory, metamodernism, leadership, co-creation, mindfulness, and purpose work.

My five key-ingredients to growth are:

  • Insight (transient knowledge, partial truths, the puzzle pieces)
  • Overview (a tested map for the journey)
  • Attention and presence (the way out of the matrix into the truth of the cosmos)
  • Embodiment (direct experience vs. representation)
  • Authenticity (Vulnerability coupled with agency)

This training is for you if you want to:

  • Feel more empowered and in agency on the journey of being human
  • Move from the myth of separation to a new story of self - one that is grounded in connection and interdependency
  • Take full responsibility for your human experience in every moment
  • Learn to regulate your somatic experience to break free from panic and collapse by feeling profoundly safe in your body, attuned to fear as a natural super power that leads you into presence
  • Integrate all your instincts and emotions into an authentic sense of self
  • Become trauma and shadow aware to integrate your fragmented parts into a more whole self
  • Want to know what the heck is going on in this world and how to adequately respond to it
  • Live fulfilling and authentic relationships with vulnerability and intimacy as a foundation of connection beyond projections and attachment
  • Find effortless connection to your purpose and express it naturally in this world and as this world
  • Understand the root of our global conflicts and become an agent of synthesis and evolution instead of a passive participant in the polarization of our society
  • Take leadership in your own developmental journey to be able to whole diverse perspectives without attachment
  • Go through a vulnerable and exciting group initiation into a new way of living in connection and community
  • Fully live in service of your true purpose in this world

This training will be a vulnerable group experience. It is for everyone who wants to consciously embark on the evolutionary journey to wholeness. For a deep experience of community, we will come together twice a week to learn new material, practice together, share vulnerability, and feel. In between sessions, there is the invitation to share updates about your process in a closed community and support each other on the journey, as well as the opportunity to ask questions to the teachers at any time.

Structure of the training:

  • Duration: 16-week online training via protected membership platform
  • Weekly Lectures that you can watch in your own pace whenever you have time
  • Every Monday 6-8 pm CET: Online session for discussion and Q&A around lecture of the week with sharing and embodiment exercise
  • Every Friday 6-8 pm CET: "Community Gathering" sharing and digesting our inner processes together
  • In between sessions: open dialogue space in a closed community with support


  • Start date: April 24th, 2023
  • End Date: August 25th, 2023
  • Lectures can be watched whenever you have time
  • All live sessions will be recorded, its ok if you miss live sessions
  • All slides and worksheets can be downloaded in the membership platform
  • Guest teachers will support the class with their unique wisdom and body of work
  • Afterwards: stay connected and practice in the community platform


  • Self-Guided Course: 499€ (course only, without live sessions):
  • Live Community Journey - Cohort 2023: 699€
  • Lifetime Community Access: 999€ (All Cohorts forever, as many times as you want!)
  • (VAT depending on country of residence)
Get the 100€ super-earlybird discount on all packages till December 31st 2022! (EXTENDED TILL JANUARY 31st!)
All packages are available as installments, so you can comfortably pay over the course of four months!


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This training will dive into the following topics to offer a coherent framework for growth:

The Science of Safety

How does safety live in the body・how to regulate a state of safety・understanding different survival instincts and strategies・basics of polyvagal theory and neuroception

Myth, Narrative, and Storytelling

Recognizing the underlying myths of society・the role of narrative and story in making sense of who you are・the limitations of the story of identity・creating culture through story


Co-regulation・self-regulation・somatic consent・boundaries・somatic communication・Primal Play・Belly2Belly・exploring the self through breath, touch, movement and sound・non-verbal semantics・connecting to anger and rage, listening to their wisdom and turning them into agency

Trauma Awareness

The neurobiology of trauma・how does trauma affect the sense of self・finding wholeness in a fragmented personality・interpersonal neurobiology・the alchemical gift of trauma・understanding inner parts through compassionate inquiry・building deep inner relationships between our parts・integrating trauma

Shadow Work and The World of The Unconscious (Jungian Psychology)

Discovering and integrating disowned personality parts living in the unconscious (shadows)・transcending the paradigm of good and evil・growing through the integration of judgments・understanding projections and using them for personal growth・the transformative power of dark feedback・overcoming the tenacious victim-perpetrator-rescuer triangle

Eros and Desire as Evolutionary Catalysts

Discovering the wisdom and guidance of desire・authentic sexuality and expression・desire as universal life force・surrendering to the mystery of the unknown・overcoming limiting self-judgments and feelings of unworthiness

Authentic Connection as an Evolutionary Path

Transcending attachment-based relating・overcoming relational projections・moving into self-responsibility・the archetype of sacred union・honesty and transparency・relationship as the foundation of a self

Living from Purpose

Connecting to your true purpose・prioritizing purpose over security・living from soul・staying with purpose in the face of fear

The Critical Importance of Community

Rediscovering our tribal neurobiology and psychology・revealing and sharing vulnerability・being held and supported in community・the collective evolution of communities・forum practice

Attention, Non-Duality, and the Nature of Consciousness

Understanding the primary non-duality of the cosmos・waking up to the emptiness of the self・embracing the circular journey of death and birth here and now・living from the present moment・the primacy of consciousness over matter in philosophical idealism・understanding the contradictory nature of the divided brain (hemispheric differentiation)・the nature and importance of attention

Sense-Making & Dialectics

Overcoming in-group/out-group paradigms・understanding and transforming conflict as an opportunity for growth and evolution・making sense of the global crisis・the dialectic of thesis, anti-thesis & synthesis・the future of politics and governance・emergent dialogue

Integral Development

Understanding the integral principles of evolution・the architecture of culture and values・complexity, systems and chaos・evolutionary stages of consciousness・dimensions of reality and experience・death as the gate to evolution and rebirth


Translating the inner journey of growth into a capacity to show up in service of the collective journey of mankind・the power of deep listening・evolutionary principles of leadership・integral business・choice and agency

Deep Ecology

Feeling the interconnected web of the living planet・Interdependency as a felt experience・Deep Ecology as a sense of self・A Regenerative Paradigm as a Solution to the Global Crisis・Permaculture and Personal Development


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