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Utilize the hidden strengths of ADHD for a life with more purpose and meaning through neuroscience, affect regulation and attention hacking!

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In this 6-week online training, uncover the true nature of ADHD, understand its potential, and learn practical strategies to harness your unique gifts.

The course combines cutting-edge neuroscience, emotional regulation techniques, habit and nutrition protocols, relationship tools, and powerful attention hacks to create a holistic approach thats set you up to thrive instead of survive with ADHD!

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Would you like to turn your untapped superpower into focus, clarity and success?

I’ve spend a big part of my life in the constant vicious cycle of shame, guilt, frustration and disconnection from my environment everyone with ADHD knows too well, as I am too on that spectrum.

"You are lazy. You are not disciplined. You're not listening. You're a mess. Just try a todo list." I too have heard these criticisms and “helpful” advices throughout my life, and know the pain and shame it brings up.

Things changed drastically for me when I started approaching ADHD with the very curiosity it gifted me with, and developed a syncretic approach to not just understanding it from a holistic ecological perspective, but also utilize tools and protocols to thrive with it.

Looking for the blind spots of western medicine, I began to weave systems theory, developmental psychology, deep ecology, evolutionary biology, interpersonal neurobiology, theories behind non-ordinary states of consciousness, cutting edge neuroscience, trauma frameworks, somatic perspectives like polyvagal theory, philosophical frameworks like integral theory, Jungian psychology, the science of attention and presence, biohacking protocols, and the more recent understanding of the role of dopamine in reward, motivation and effort into a holistic framework on ADHD.

And then things clicked. I saw a beautiful pattern emerge: humanity received a huge gift with this neurodiversity (or neuroemergence), and we haven't even started unwrapping it yet.

In this course we'll dive into the new science of dopamine and motivation, create conducive habits to become hyper-focused, become aware of our attention, get tips for supportive nutrition and supplements, and we learn the crucial aspects of how to use somatic tools and trauma integration approaches to take control, stop the spiral of shame and guilt and turn the curse into a gift by continuing the development of the executive functions in our prefrontal cortex that stopped in our childhood because we didn't receive the specific attention we needed.

In this training I want to offer you to learn to:


Begin to see ADHD as a potential to be extraordinary


Learn to self-regulate your nervous system to meet emotional dysregulation and develop self-leadership


Drop the untrue and unhelpful "disorder" narrativ


Create fulfilling relationships that are adapted to your way of being


Master powerful behavior and nutrition protocols to utilize natural dopamine for focus and motivation


Develop a capacity for deep presence and embodiment to be able to enjoy life more fully


Find an ecstatic perspective on your life that is moving you towards deeper purpose instead of just being productive


Respond to life’s mystery with clarity and self-leadership

I have spent the last 10 years finding answers to these challenges, which in turn has led me to create this comprehensive training: ONE - A Radical Journey to Wholeness.

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