The Science of Dopamine

About this weeks topic

This week we finally enter the fascinating world of dopamine and it's impact on ADHD. We learn about effort, motivation, pleasure and pain, and why comfort comes with a high price! This weeks lecture is going to lay the scientific foundation for next week, when we learn how to impact our neurochemistry through powerful behavior changes and hygiene factors.


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The Science of Dopamine
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Recommended Reading

- Daniel Z. Lieberman and Michael E. Long - The Molecule of More
- Dr. Anna Lembke - Dopamine Nation: Finding Balance in the Age of Indulgence

-Andrew Huberman on Dopamine

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This weeks Exercises & Homework

Begin a process of assessing your typical behaviors around productivity and setting up your environment to support you.

- How much effort do you need to make to receive pleasure in your productivity environment?
- How often do you get distracted by social media and mobile apps when you try to be productive?
- What is your relationship to effort, pain and comfort?
- Are there any favorite guilty pleasures that you could make harder to access and more connected to effort?

If you can, start introducing cold showers into your morning routine. Make sure to take them very consciously and walk into the cold water slowly while paying attention to a slow breath.