Relationships and ADHD

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Welcome to Lectute 5! This week we dive into the vulnerable world of relating, wich can be an extra challenge if you are on the ADHD spectrum. Relationships are about much more than finding harmony and safety, they are about falling in love with who we really are and daring to bring that authentic self into relationship.


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Relationships and ADHD
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This weeks Exercises & Homework

Pick a relationship to a partner, friend or family member that you would like to transform by being more of who you really are.

Take some time to write a manual for how to be with you! What can you tell this person about ADHD they might not know? What needs that aren't self-explanatory could you make explicit? What advise could you give about how to be with you? What behaviors would you like to explain? How can you reaffirm the person of your love and care? And most importantly: what questions to you want to ask about how THEY experience the world?

Invite them for a friendship meeting and share your briefing with them, meet them with curiosity about how you experience the world differently, and invite them to ask questions about your neurodiversity.