Rewriting our story

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Welcome to Wired for Wonder! In todays introductory lecture we are going to lay the foundation for this work by developing a shared language and understanding the basics of this beautiful neurotype! If you want to dive really deep into the themes of hemispheric differentiation and integral theory (which I recommend if you have time) you can watch the two lectures from my year training that I've added to the resources section for you to watch for free!

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Rewriting our story
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Recommended Reading

- Daniel Z. Lieberman and Michael E. Long - The Molecule of More
- Gabor Maté - Scattered Minds
- Iain McGilchrist - The Master and his Emissary
- Ken Wilber - Sex, Ecology, Spirituality

- In depth lecture by Lennart on Integral Theory
- In depth lecture by Lennart on Hemispheric Differentiation

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This weeks Exercises & Homework

Start becoming more aware of your relationship to yourself and your neurotype this week. Inquire deeper:

How much am I identifying with having a disorder?
How does it currently impact me to be on the ADHD spectrum?
What is my relationship to presence and experiencing bodily sensations?
How do I cope with emotional dysregulation? What are my go-to strategies when I am stressed?
What is my relationship to shame and guilt around productivity?
How has ADHD influenced my identity and sense of self?

I recommend journalling on these questions to begin our journey together.