Integral Development

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This week we will go into the evolutionary process of dialectics, a process already known in ancient greek philosophy, extensively describe by Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel and put into a developmental context by Ken Wilber's integral theory and other developmental frameworks.

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Integral Development
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Recommended Reading & MAterials

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- Ken Wilber - Sex, Ecology, Spirituality
- Chris Cowan, Don Beck - Spiral Dynamics
- Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel - Enzyklopädie der philosophischen Wissenschaften
- Iain McGilchrist - The Matter with Things

This weeks Exercises & Homework

This week you get a little break! All we ask you to do is:

- Continue building a routine of presence and self-regulation through deep breaths, somatic awareness, and somatic resources. This is the foundation for self-leadership and with that our foundation for everything. It is not about understanding it intellectually, it is about making it second nature.

- Become really curious about your unconscious cultural biases. Notice your cultural judgements and perspectives. Become aware of the point of view you take about cultural conflicts. From what altitude are you looking at the issue? Is there another perspective you could take? Can you spot the cultural shadows playing out? How attached are you to certain values and cultural judgements as representing some ultimate truth? How are different areas of your life governed by different value systems that you're not aware of? Compare your observation to the integral stages!