Eros & Desire

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In this lecture we will explore on the strongest behavioral and relational drivers: desire.

Desire has many origins and expression. We will take a look at the underlying neurobiology of desire, craving and motivation, and make an attempt to grasp the phenomenon from a metaphysical perspective as well.

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Eros & Desire
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Daniel Z. Lieberman, Michael E. Long - The Molecule of More

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This week we invite you to get more intimate with your relationship to desire, craving and wanting!

If you feel an urge, pause for a moment before you go for something. Fully allow the desire to inhabit your body and bring as much presence and attention to it. How does it feel to want this thing? What bodily sensations are coming up? How does it feel to just acknowledge the desire? How does it feel to express it by speaking it out loud (maybe even with a witness)? How does it feel to just hold it and not act on it immediately?

Can you maybe even track what kind of desire this is and where it is emerging from? Is this bodily, emotional, mental, cultural? Is it personality, soul or spirit? How authentic and genuine does it feel, could it come from wounding, coping, distraction, avoidance or wounding?

Now get yourself into self-leadership capacity (presence, regulation, 8 C's) and make a conscious decision to either pass or act on the desire.

How does it feel to be in a conscious relationship with your craving? How does it impact your experience and pleasure having gone through this process before acting? This week we invite you to get more intimate with your relationship to desire, craving and wanting

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