Deep Ecology

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This week we are concluding module 2 with a little introduction into the philosophy of deep ecology, a journey into the fundamental relationship to all life.

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Deep Ecology
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Gregory Bateson - Steps to an Ecology of Mind
Nora Bateson - Small Arcs of Larger Circles: Framing Through Other Patterns
Nora Bateson - Sacred Unity
Joana Macy - World as Lover, World as Self
Joana Macy - Coming back to Life
Joana Macy - A Wild Love for the World

This weeks Exercises & Homework

Just start playing with the 3, 2, 1 framework and notice how language shapes your perception of identity and context!

I also invite you to revisit some of our foundational material to get ready for module 3 and refresh some of the models of module 1, especially the first 4 lectures.