Death & Regeneration

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We are concluding our journey with the biggest cultural fear: the idea of death as an ending. Overcoming this limiting belief stands at the beginning of a truly regenerative paradigm, and the gateway to it is grief.

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Death & Regeneration
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Francis Weller - The Wild Edge of Sorrow


- Francis Weller
- Joanna Macy
- Subonfu Some
- Bayo Akomolafe

This weeks Exercises & Homework

A contemplation:

Find something that you don't want to let die that is capturing your energy and is distracting you from being available for purpose moving through you. Is there a unprocessed grief connected to it?

Which gate of grief needs to open for this piece to move and make space?  See how you can create more space in your body through presence and regulation, and see if you can let some grief begin to move you. Notice what changes, if more space is opening.

Journal about this piece and what you are still attached to and see if you can create a ritual or a series of rituals that could allow you to fully move through it.