Pachamilli - The Sangha

Pachamilli - The Sangha

A Livelong Learning Journey in Service of the Whole Ecology.


Pasto, Colombia


February 20, 2023


March 5, 2023




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This retreat is a very special offering that combines Lennart Hennig's developmental work with the incredible knowledge and medicine of the Colombian Shamans Kajuyali Tsamani and Jaba Saka.

"The Sangha" is an advanced retreat for everyone who has been to Nabi Nunhue before and wants to deepen this work through the participation in a yearly Sangha. In this retreat we will have a special focus topic every year we that we journey through together. If you haven't been to Nabi Nunhue before and are looking for your first experience with Ayahuasca, check out "Pachamilli - The Initiation"


Pachamilli means "Mother Cosmos" in the Kichua language of Southern American Indigenous People.

We are rapidly entering a period of global crisis, an ecological crisis that is challenging us to radically transform our perception of reality. This crisis is often looked at as a crisis of technology, resources, and the economy. Although sustainability, innovation, and new ways of building and sharing wealth among the global population are one puzzle piece, the true crisis is one of developmental maturity, consciousness, and identity.

We are standing at the beginning of what probably is the biggest shift in human consciousness since the cognitive revolution 70.000 years ago that brought complex language into the human experience: the death of the myth of separation, which is the foundation of our global culture, self-awareness, and socio-economic structures. We are moving from a reductionistic, isolating, hopeless, survival-based, game-theoretic, resource wasting, emotionally disconnected, and somatically dissociated paradigm into one that is defined by profound interdependency, wholeness, integration, developmental awareness, connection, intimacy, and the unshakeable awareness that there is no separation whatsoever to be found anywhere in this cosmos. An awareness that reminds us that we are this Earth.

In this paradigm, it becomes utterly clear that the ecological crisis won't be solved through technology, but through living from a deeply integrated sense of self that is not separate from this Earth, an identity that is grounded in interdependency. The transformation will happen from within, when we enter a relationship of syntropy with this living ecology that we are an inseparable part of.

We can't get there by accumulating knowledge or reading a book. We have to walk the painful path of evolution and integration (from Latin to become undivided) to remember the wholeness we are already a part of.

We all have to embark on a deeply vulnerable and painful human maturation journey which can happen through profound relationship, philosophical insight, the integration of multiple perspectives, embodied practice, and presence. This involves facing everything we are running away from, our wounds, our traumas, our fears, and especially our relationship to death. It is the journey towards becoming an integrated society that is Earth, instead of just inhabiting her.

We can increase the chances for these developmental shifts to happen by getting out of the blame game and increasing collectively available resources for nervous system regulation, creating a culture and rituals that bring intention to collective shadow and trauma, offering modalities for their integration, and creating structures in which deeply vulnerable dialogue can happen.

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As a first step, this demands to become aware of the specific language of our body and its absolute priority of survival, to become really intimate with its instinctual perspective and include its profound wisdom, and to truly embrace the human experience and the power that lies within our capacity to make choices beyond instinct. Through deep embodiment and the use of somatic resources, we create the foundation for truly stepping into our human potential while honoring our animal ancestry. Because embodiment isn't about creating absence of mind, it is about creating the conditions in which the mind can truly flourish, liberated from fear and stories of control, becoming an instrument of creativity and choice. It is about meeting death, instead of running away from it.

Liberated from the urge to escape our collective and cultural trauma, we can dive into the depths of our own unconscious shadows, journey through the underworld of our psyche to resurface with parts of ourselves we have abandoned long ago, parts that are missing pieces of our authenticity and creativity, and cornerstones of our inner evolution. All this is possible by creating a profound experience of safety within our own body, a direct experience so convincing that our instincts agree to hand over the control to our higher self, to our soul's purpose.

And more than that, we need to do this work in intimate relationship with this living planet, not isolated and disconnected from the soil, within the very walls that keep reflecting the old mythos of separation back onto us. We need to feel, smell, taste, and breath-in the soil that is birthing us every moment, listening to its music, and also let it breathe us and fill us with its profound primordial wisdom, as it already knows the answers we are looking for. Becoming aware of the tangible truthfulness of the term "as above, so below", we can developmentally mature through the direct experience of interdependency with the planet, growing into earth, awakening as earth, and rising together in a new sense of self, inseparable from the sacred mother, Pachamilli, connected to her in synergy, reverence, and care.

This is why I teamed up with Kajuyali Tsamani, a respected healer, scholar, and shaman from Colombia who has deeply impacted my life over the last years through the work with the plant medicine Ayahuasca and his profound wisdom that is directly speaking from the wholeness of the cosmos. Together, we created a unique retreat offering that is integrating our work and perspectives for a potent experience of wholeness with Earth, happening in the beautiful Andes Mountains of Colombia in January 2023.

Kajuyali: "Ayahuasca is an ancestral sacred plant, teacher, teacher of an original tradition of the ancestral sacred art of life in harmony, happiness and fraternity full of wisdom with the beauty of the fullness of spiritual, emotional, corporal health, to recognize ourselves in the intimacy of the spirit, of the body, of the heart, of the full existence of our Mother Earth and our Mother Cosmos. It is exactly the meaning of its name in the Kichua language (ancestral language of the Andean and Amazonian region): Aya is the word that names the "sacred ancestral spirit of all that exists, of all that is created, of its creation and its becoming"; huasca is the word that names the vine, liana, vine, in which Aya lives, is embodied and becomes Aya. It is a wonderful virtue of life that teaches us to shamanize our existence."

This retreat is a deeply vulnerable and transformative group experience for everyone who wants to consciously embark on the evolutionary journey towards remembering they are intimately interconnected, interpenetrated, and interdependent with this living planet, inseparable from it. Located in the renowned healing center "Nabi Nunhue" in the Colombian Andes, we will spend two whole weeks together with embodiment, philosophical and scientific lectures, group circle work, indigenous wisdom teachings, traditional sweatlodges, Ayahuasca ceremonies, plant medicine, storytelling around the fire, individual healings and mindfulness practices to manifest a deep state of ecology within and around us.

The three Ayahuasca ceremonies will be spread out over the two weeks and both support us to have our hearts cracked open by the love of this planet and receive her teachings, as well as give us insight that we integrate and process afterward with psycho-developmental frameworks and perspectives to gain deeper insight about the state of our self.

Structure of the retreat:

  • Duration: 14 days, including arrival and departure day
  • Group size: Limited to 16 guests plus facilitation team to guarantee maximum quality of the container
  • Combination of indigenous wisdom, eastern wisdom traditions, western philosophy, modern neuroscience and psychology, embodiment, mindfulness practices, and plant medicine
  • Three traditional Ayahuasca Ceremonies led by Kajuyali Tsamani
  • Traditional sweatlodges
  • Hikes in the Andes Mountains to beautiful nature sanctuaries
  • During the daytime we will have teachings and embodiment practices, in the evenings we will sit around the fire and listen to Kajuyalis profound wisdom and stories about the origin of life
  • Location: Nabi Nunhue Healing Center in the Andes Mountains in Southern Colombia, 30 minutes from Pasto
  • Beginn: Monday, February 20th, 2023
  • End: Sunday, March 5th, 2023
  • After the retreat: Continue in a closed community where you can rewatch lectures as well as share with other participants about your ongoing integration journey


Because this retreat is rather advanced and because we have limited capacity, tickets aren't for sale publicly but only available via application. We want to ensure that everyone who comes knows what is expecting them and is coming with sincere commitment. Please fill out this short application to get in touch.

The location: Nabi Nunhue

This healing space is a place for the preservation of native peoples' knowledge related to healing plants and the art of ancient shamanistic wisdom. Nabi Nunhue means Sacred House of the Jaguar in the language of the Kogi people of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta.

It is located in the Andes mountains in southern Colombia and consists of several ceremonial sites, a protected natural reserve, and a garden with medicinal plants and organic farming areas.

Nabi Nunhue was founded in 2001 and is guided by Kajuyali Tsamani and his wife Jaba Saka, who are knowledgeable about ancient shamanistic traditions. Their life and work provide a remarkable encounter between the traditions of the native peoples and contemporary life.

In the last forty years, Kajuyali Tsamani has practiced and been consecrated by shamans from different tribes and traditions. In Nabi Nunhue meetings with shamans from different native traditions are propitiated to ex-change their wisdom and traditions.

Their valuable knowledge is at high risk of extinction. By permanent colonization, people of these tribes have been losing the experience and the teachings of their traditions. Many of the tribes are disappearing, along with the immense knowledge on healing and the medicinal uses of plants.

Throughout the year, Nabi Nunhue organizes international events with the participation of shamans from various traditions. During these meetings, people from different regions of our Mother Earth seek and receive personal healing at Nabi Nunhue and experience valuable and enriching knowledge about shamanic culture and healing arts.

This Retreat is for you if you want to:

- Move from the mythos of separation to a new story of self that is grounded in connection and interdependency
- Experience indigenous wisdom traditions and plant medicine ceremonies with a deeply committed, knowledgable, and experienced shaman
- Take full responsibility for your human experience in every moment
- Learn to regulate your somatic experience to break free from fear and collapse by feeling profoundly safe in your body
- Integrate all your instincts and emotions into an authentic sense of self
- Become trauma and shadow aware to integrate your fragmented parts into a more whole self
- Want to know what the heck is going on in this world and how to adequately respond to it
- Live fulfilling and authentic relationships with vulnerability and intimacy as a foundation of connection beyond projections and attachment
- Find effortless connection to your purpose and express it naturally in this world and as this world
- Understand the root of our global conflicts and become an agent of synthesis and evolution instead of a passive participant in the polarization of our society
- Take leadership in your own developmental journey to be able to whole diverse perspectives without attachment


This retreat is offered on a sliding scale. This sliding scale is meant to reflect everyone's individual financial capacity in recognition of the unique value of this offering and the purpose the profits will contribute to: Nabi Nunhue intends to acquire a new piece of land, as large as possible, to create a natural reserve for the protection and preservation of its habitat. Also, for the recovery and conservation of master plants such as coca and tobacco, ayahuasca, yopo, and medicinal plants from its environment.

Please consider this effort in your decision on how much you want to pay. Important: The decision if we invite you to this retreat will NOT be based on how much you pay - we simply want you to go through the process of inquiring for yourself which price feels in integrity with your current capacity, the offering, and the land. If you have more, consider giving more to support the ones who have less.

The costs include two weeks of teachings, three traditional Ayahuasca ceremonies, food and accommodation, and the transfer from Pasto to Nabi Nunhue.

Please choose any price between 2500€ and 4500€. Thank you so much for your sincere contribution!

- Low Income/Sponsored: 2500€
- Recommended Price: 3500€
- Abundance/Supporter: 4500€


- You will fly to Pasto via Bogota or Cali, we will pick you up in Pasto with Busses on February 20th.


This retreat will touch upon the following topics to offer a coherent framework for growth:

The Sangha will dive into one specific topic every year for a shamanic and developmental deep dive. Topic 2023 will be "perception"!


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